Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks?

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Does Walmart cash handwritten checks? This articles explains all you may need to know about handwritten checks, as well as whether Walmart does cash them.

Despite the fact that handwritten checks are simpler to draft than computerized checks, some establishments opt not to take them.

You could be asking if Walmart cashes handwritten checks given that the company has money centers all throughout the nation.

Worry no more because this article provides answers to all the questions in your mind.


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Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks?

Sadly, as of 2022, Walmart doesn’t cash handwritten checks that are written by hand at the majority of store outlets.

Rather, Walmart will only accept checks that have been produced and include the firm name, contact information, location, date of issue, and check amount.

In this article, we shall discuss extensively about cashing handwritten checks, alternative locations where you can cash handwritten checks apart from Walmart, and the costs involved.

Why Doesn’t Every Walmart Store Cash Handwritten Checks?

Due to the greater danger of theft or inadequate money in the account, Walmart doesn’t always cash handwritten checks, including checks from corporate accounts.

Due to this, Walmart could suffer huge losses. Thus, it has established a rule to exclusively take pre-printed or computerized checks in order to prevent accepting any of this danger.

Nevertheless, not all Walmart stores disallow handwritten checks because it differs by region and jurisdiction.

You may utilize the Walmart store finder to check ahead of time to be certain prior to heading to Walmart.

Which Other Place Can Handwritten Checks Be Cashed?

Despite the fact that most Walmart stores do not cash handwritten checks, several financial institutions, credit unions, check cashing businesses, and several retail businesses offer check-cashing services.

If you possess a bank account, you need to go to your nearby branch to cash your handwritten checks or have the money transferred into your account.

Another option is to go to the bank that generated the check, which can likewise cash it.

The following financial institutions and credit unions will accept handwritten checks for cashing:

  • Bank of the West
  • First National Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Chartway Federal Credit Union
  • Chase Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • Regions Bank
  • HSBC
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Alternatively, you might pay a charge to have your handwritten check cashed at any of the check-cashing firms below:

  • PLS Check Cashing
  • Money Mart
  • United Check Cashing
  • Speedy Cash
  • Check Into Cash
  • Payroll
  • ACE Cash Express

It is important to call ahead and inquire regarding the conditions for cashing a handwritten check as well as all charges they may impose before heading to any of these firms, financial institutions, or credit unions.


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What Are the Processes Involved in Cashing Handwritten Checks?

You need to go to any of the previously-mentioned companies, financial institutions, or credit unions with a legitimate government-issued photo ID to cash a handwritten check.

After your identification has been confirmed, the company will handle the handwritten check just like a regular pre-printed check.

Are There Charges For Cashing A Handwritten Check?

Yes, except you already possess an account with a certain bank, many banks can bill you a modest charge of less than $10 to cash a handwritten check.

Additionally, many banks impose a fee that might be anywhere from 1% and 3% of the check’s value.

Which Kind of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Walmart accepts checks from all financial institutions, including pre-printed checks, provided they adhere to the policies of the firm.

Therefore, take your checkbook along with you when next you make a purchase at the store.

Walmart cashes several types of checks, including government, payroll, insurance, pre-printed, rebate, and corporate checks. Nevertheless, they don’t cash handwritten, two-party, or third-party checks.

Which Kind of Checks Will Walmart Not Cash?

Although Walmart cashes different varieties of checks, there are a few kinds of checks Walmart does not cash, such as:

  • Starter Checks
  • Check With Multiple Payees
  • Savings Bond
  • EFTs Checks
  • Handwritten Checks
  • Post-Dated Checks
  • Third-Party Checks

Get in touch with your neighborhood Walmart store to find out if they can accept other kinds of checks except those listed above.

The typical times of operation for the Walmart Money Center are 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. The typical opening times on Sunday are 10 am to 6 pm.

Even at the neighborhood 24-hour supermarkets, the Money Center operations are constrained.

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How Much Check Can You Cash at Walmart?

The daily check-cashing cap at Walmart is $5,000. It implies that you are not permitted to cash any checks totaling over $5,000 in one transaction or across many transactions.

Nevertheless, because of the growing need for tax refund checks from January to April, Walmart raises the cap to $7,500.

Does Walmart Cash a Foreign Check?

Walmart normally doesn’t accept foreign checks since they necessitate special procedures and rules.

Nevertheless it’s important to inquire about the financial services your neighborhood store provides.

How Can Walmart Confirm My Check?

Walmart needs to confirm that there is money in your account prior to cashing a check. Telecheck and Certegy are utilized to confirm the routing number.

Companies can lessen the danger associated with taking checks as payment by using Telecheck, a check confirmation tool.

The tool confirms the details on the check over a list of invalid checks to guarantee that the check is genuine.

An additional check confirmation firm that Walmart employs is Certegy. The tool likewise examines the check’s details and your credit history to assess whether you possess enough money to pay the check amount.

Can Two-Party Personal Checks Be Cashed at Walmart?

Yes, two-party personal checks can be cashed at Walmart, however they must not be for more than $200 and they come with a $6 charge.

Can Third-Party Checks Be Cashed at Walmart?

Similar to other merchants, third-party checks cannot be cashed at Walmart. A third-party check is issued from a single individual to another as opposed to the original check issuer.

Fortunately, financial institutions and 24-hour check cashing services can cash third-party checks without any problems at all.

Is It Possible For Another Person to Cash My Check at Walmart?

The answer is no, because Walmart won’t permit another person to cash your check.

This is necessary for Walmart to verify that the money are being moved properly and that no theft is going on by requiring correct id from the individual cashing the check.

A check can usually be made payable to someone else. Walmart cannot cash a check that is written in favor of another person since that makes the check a third-party check.

What Does a Walmart Money Center Means?

A Walmart Money Center is an area in Walmart stores that offers financial services like filling out cash orders, wire transfers, Coinstar machines, reloading Netspend Visa debit cards, Walmart Pay, prepaid debit cards, check printing, PayPal, international cash transfers, tax preparation services, selling Walmart gift cards, and payment services.

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Since it provides a variety of financial services within a single umbrella, the Walmart Money Center makes it simple to do financial transactions beyond simply cashing personal checks.

Additionally, you may receive cashback when you buy items at Walmart using your Walmart Money Card.

How Can I Purchase a Walmart MoneyCard?

A Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid Mastercard or Visa that can be utilized in places that approves Visa or Mastercard.

Furthermore, the card may be reloaded at every Walmart store with funds, a check, or a money order.

Walmart MoneyCard is usually sold for just $1, and you are free to request for it in-store. After it has been granted, you can start utilizing it right away.

The reloading is at no cost so far you reload through in-store check cashing, however it may cost you just $3 if you reload through smartphone or the internet.

Advantages of a Walmart MoneyCard

Possessing a Walmart MoneyCard has the following advantages:

  • You are free to utilize it in all places that approves Visa or Mastercard
  • Zero interest fees
  • Credit check is not necessary
  • If your card is misplaced or stolen, your money is still secured.
  • Enables you to arrange for a direct deposit of your wages or government payments.
  • Walmart direct deposit times can arrive a maximum of two days prior to payday
  • You can benefit from reductions and cashback from partnering businesses


Thank you for reading this article on “does Walmart cash handwritten checks.”

The truth is that there is a significant amount of uncertainty on whether Walmart accepts handwritten checks, so we decided to create this post to assist dispel the uncertainty.

Although handwritten checks can be very easy to cash, not all companies agree to cash them.

It is very important to note that Walmart doesn’t cash handwritten checks that are issued by hand at most store outlets.

Alternatively, Walmart cashes exclusively checks that have been printed and include the business name, contact details, address, check amount and date of issue.

Although Walmart doesn’t cash handwritten checks, there are many banks, credit unions and check cashing firms that cashes handwritten checks. You may want to try this firms in order to cash your handwritten checks.











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