How Much Does Proaddiction Hair Treatment Cost?

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How much does proaddiction hair treatment cost? This article will reveal to you everything you need to know about proaddiction hair treatment and how much it cost.

What is Proaddiction Hair Treatment?

What is Proaddiction Hair Treatment
What is Proaddiction Hair Treatment


The Proaddiction softening solution is a secure, organic nutrient therapy. It is free from chemicals, unscented, and free of methanol. The hair is moisturized, becoming soft, glossy, and sleek as a result.

This unique mixture was created by skilled beauticians and pharmacists in Europe and has just made its debut in the United States.

The softening solution was developed to offer a secure environment for clients and hairdressers who routinely receive softening therapies.

The organic micronutrients found in Proaddiction enrich hair while it is being softened, making it strong and velvety soft.

It is durable and ideal for every varieties of hair and thicknesses, No matter how rough the hair is, how serious the situation is or the toxic treatments the hair has previously undergone.

Proaddiction has restorative abilities that bring back the luster, pliability, suppleness, and liveliness that normally washes away due to age related factors.


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How Much Does Proaddiction Hair Treatment Cost?

The average price of Proaddiction hair treatment is $400. The effects remain for like 60 to 90 days, based on how often the hair is cleaned. You can clean the hair once it’s over a day.

There is not a trace of methanol anywhere. Additionally, since the hair is cleaned in a spa, it’s pointless to delay!

Reasons You Should Choose Proaddiction

There is no other product that can completely eradicate roughness and improve the thickness of the hair like proaddiction.

Proaddiction has proved to be arguably the best when it comes to making the hair smoother and softer.

More importantly, proaddiction is a completely non- chemical solution that offers a completely secure environment for the stylist including the  client too.

The Proaddiction formulation is unique and offers hairdressers the best color preservation. It gives the hairdresser access to the best colors you can ever think of.

You will possess amazing influence over the thickness of your hair and pro addiction can last for a very long time.

Proaddiction is the only substance that completely reconstructs the hair nutrients.

What Value Does Proaddiction Add to the Hair?

So many vitamins and micronutrients are used in the production of proaddiction. It’s healthy and good for your hair.

The organic components of proaddiction hydrate your hair as you loosen it.

What is the Duration of Time The Procedure of Proaddiction Takes?

Use Proaddiction Micronutrient Styling substance on tiny segments of your hair, beginning 1 cm from the core. Reach the edge of the substance by brushing it.

The hair should be treated with the proaddiction Micronutrient Styling substance, which should be left in for 45 to an hour.

Can Proaddiction Wipe Off?

Proaddiction may be tailored very well to each person. Is it the same as keratin? No, it’s not. The exterior layer of your hair is covered with keratin, which softens and controls roughness but wipes off in 8 to 16 weeks.

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How Soon After Proaddiction Treatment can I Clean my Hair?

To give the keratin time to completely settle down, you must wait 4 days before cleaning or combing your hair.

If you apply soap and curling tools suitable for keratin that don’t contain salted ions, the benefits can continue for about 12 weeks.

Is it Possible For Me to Dye My Hair After Proaddictive Treatment?

On the day of your therapy, you’re allowed to get your hair dyed. When the therapy is over, you can wash the hair the following day.

You don’t have to let the substance be on your hair for a long time. You can either utilize a hair heater or dry the hair normally.

Is it Possible to Swim with Proaddiction?

With the Proaddiction Micronutrient Styling substance, you can dive into any river and swim in the beach. It doesn’t limit you from swimming so you don’t have to be concerned that your hair will be damaged.

Just wash your hair with Proaddiction’s soap and then use the mosturizing mask.

What is Magic Sleek?

Magic Sleek is a unique therapy for straightening hair that looks like keratin, although it is superior! Due to the absence of harmful additives, Magic Sleek is durable and is awesome.

What is the Duration of the Magic Sleek Therapy?

The expiration of Magic Sleek is 24 weeks. You may utilize Magic Sleek for an extended period because it is water-resistant. The hair can always dry absolutely straight with no curl without the need of warmth or combs.

Can Magic Sleek Alter the Color of Your Hair?

You can color Magic Sleek whenever you want. However, due to the fact that it illuminates the hair by 1-2 tones, it is preferable to color later.

How Good is Magic Sleek?

Magic Sleek is arguably the most effective straightening therapy that many people have used. There are lots of positive testimonials confirming that magic sleek is one of the best hair straightening therapies out there.

It is more extensive and yields much better outcomes.


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Does Magic Sleek Make You Perspire?

There is minimal to no workout due to the fact that there is no forehead perspiration. For a minimum of one week before and 2 weeks after, refrain from using color or additives.

For a minimum of 2 weeks, diving in polluted or brackish water is not permitted. For a minimum of a week and 3 days, avoid total sedation.

Can Magic Sleek Cause your Hair To Be Smooth?

Curls can be eliminated. Magic Sleek doesn’t totally smooth it or lessen the thickness.

Is Magic Sleek the Same with Magic Sleek Express?

The constituents in Magic Sleek Express are similar to those in normal Magic Sleek. Magic Sleek Express targets customers seeking for a 12–16 weeks hair straightening therapy and is milder.

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What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin therapy is a pharmacological process frequently performed in a spa that can give hair a straight appearance for up to 24 weeks. It can lessen roughness and give hair a strong rich luster.

Should I Comb my Hair After Receiving keratin Treatment?

It is highly recommended that you give it 3 days. For the immediate 3 days following a keratin therapy, you are not expected to do anything to your hair.

What is the Best Position For Sleeping After Receiving keratin Treatment?

For sleeker hair, lie down on your back while you nap. It is advisable that you lie on your back for the first three nights following a keratin therapy.

If you lie on your side or belly while you nap, your hair could wrinkle or go unruly. stay away from sliding to your side by bundling pillows.

How Does Hair Appear After Receiving Keratin Treatments?

Satiny hair that slowly ages out is the result of this therapy. Apparently, straightening is different from Keratin therapy. There will not be any thickness loss or total smoothing of your hair.

Additionally, it won’t make your edges shiny or perhaps your base to be frizzy.

What is The Value of Keratin Treatment?

Keratin therapies helps to cure hairs that are clumpy or strong. A keratin therapy will help your hair dry more quickly if you routinely treat your hair. A lot of people claim that keratin cuts the time it takes for hair to dry in half or less.

Is it Possible for Keratin to Harm Your Hair in Any Way?

Keratin therapies improve and mend fragile hair, reducing splitting risk. Therapies can harm hair, though, if they are applied very regularly.

Precautions to Take Before Straightening Your Hair

Precautions to Take Before Straightening Your Hair
Precautions to Take Before Straightening Your Hair


Can you contest the gloss, elegance, and attractiveness of recently straightened hair? It is unquestionably breathtaking to witness.

Since the hair might be unruly and wavy, lots of people hurry to spas to get it styled. But hope you are aware that straightening your hair could have unforeseen consequences?

Let’s take a deep look into the unforeseen consequences you may encounter as a result of straightening your hair:

Extreme Itchiness

Irrespective of the method you utilize to straighten your hair, the toxins and temperature that are closely associated with the majority of them typically lead to extreme itchiness of the hair.

Decreased suppleness and organic lubrication in your hair which usually end up making the hair to be rough and thin.

You might think your hair is in excellent form and you won’t notice the itchiness, but the truth is that all forms of hair are severely harmed by high temperature.

This suggests that the risk of itchiness persists despite after using a straightener.

Organic lubricants in your hair are lost due to high temperature and it could cause your hair to be extremely itchy thereby making you uncomfortable.

However, in order to fix this, you are advised to routinely apply creams to your hair and refrain from overly straightening it.

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In order to prevent permanent hair itchiness, it is an excellent suggestion to see a professional before using a treatment to straighten your hair.

Probability of miscarriage

According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), allowing a woman to frequently use hair maintenance treatments and creams with formalin puts her reproduction at risk.

It also says that formalin may result in a miscarriage in a woman who is pregnant due to complications.

Therefore, it is advised that women stay away from the frequent use of hair maintenance treatments and creams that contains formalin.

In addition to the inherent risks of pregnancy, using a hair straightening treatment could be fatal.


It has been discovered that certain hair straightening creams are made up of hazardous components that could be harmful to your body and hair.

Formaldehyde, a chemical frequently used in the storage of cadavers, is an ingredient in the majority of hair straightening products.

Blazes on the collar, discomfort of the forehead and cheeks, and sunburn, respiratory difficulties, vomiting, and various sores can all be consequences of this formaldehyde.

The fact that formaldehyde is a proven carcinogen should pass beyond mentioning. This means that long contact to it may cause any type of malignancy.

When straightening your hair, hairdressers typically try their best to prevent formaldehyde from touching your body. However, it’s possible for them to make mistakes unintentionally.

Kindly see your physician immediately if you experience any symptom of the diseases stated above after straightening your hair before matters become out of control.

Hair Idleness

It is important that you are aware that if you select permanent hair straightening, you have no choice but to deal with it forever.

Because the straightening altered your hair’s keratin composition, you are limited to that style. This has been described as boring by certain individuals.

Therefore, if there is an occasion where a particular hairstyle was chosen, you would only be able to wear your straightened hair.

Just this fact alone ought to make anyone to thoroughly examine making this decision.

Reduction of Hair

Reduction of hair and splitting of hair are two of the greatest frequent negative impacts of hair straightening.

This is brought on by the damaging effects of high temperature on your hair, including perhaps an improper straightening technique performed by your stylist.

A very popular adverse consequence of the substances and creams is reduction of hair or splitting of hair.

The majority of the time, your hair rejecting the toxic therapy results in undesirable negative outcomes and except immediate action is taken to stop the scorching, you could shed a significant amount of hair.


Finally, we strongly believe that this article on how much does proaddiction hair treatment cost has explained to you everything about proaddiction hair treatment as well as how much it cost.

Proaddiction hair treatment is excellent and perfect for all kinds of hair. You can give it a try.

























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