What is the Median Salary of a Cybersecurity Engineer?

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What is the median salary of a cybersecurity engineer? This article explains in details how much cybersecurity engineers can earn on average.

The position of a cybersecurity engineer is among the high in-demand ones in the field of information security, and for valid purpose.

Information security specialists in this role have the ability to employ a wide range of information security knowledge, assist enterprises in protecting their data surroundings from cyberattacks, and gain practical experience that allows them to hone their expertise while working. The salary for this position might perhaps be more alluring.

This article covers cybersecurity engineer pay and examine many factors that can affect how much money this position can bring in.


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What is the Position of a Cybersecurity Engineer?

You need to initially identify the cosmos you are analyzing in order to effectively evaluate something. Cybersecurity engineers are Information security specialists. There are in charge of defending computer, data, and internet connections against hacking, cyberattacks, and other recurring dangers.

Depending on the company, this position could also be known as an IT/IS security engineer. There are further positions for cybersecurity engineers that have a particular specialization, such as application security engineers, which could offer a bigger salary scale; however, we’ll get to that aspect in a minute.

What are the Qualifications for Cybersecurity Engineers?

There are specific qualifications that must be met in order to operate as a cybersecurity engineer, albeit they are not rigid.

You must initially obtain a Bachelor of Science degree, particularly in computer science, information technology, computer information systems, or a closely similar discipline. The second requirement is that you must possess about five to 10 years of expertise in information security.

These qualifications may differ from company to company and can significantly affect your income, which will be discussed shortly.

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What is the Median Salary of a Cybersecurity Engineer?

As previously stated, among the main benefits of being a cybersecurity engineer is the pay, and as stated by PayScale, the statistics support this.

The typical annual salary for cybersecurity engineers in the United States is $96,597. This amount is more than twice as much as the average income of the country as a whole, which is $47,060.

Although the pay of a cybersecurity engineer won’t necessarily make you as rich as Silicon Valley’s tech guru, but you’ll still be able to live well.

The good thing is that this amount is not the absolute maximum for cybersecurity experts; rather, it represents the average income for all cybersecurity engineers. At the course of their careers, cybersecurity engineers can anticipate making $96,229 per year.

Skilled cybersecurity engineers make $114,454 annually, whereas those in their later years of their careers make an amazing $127,588. It is obvious that you won’t be surviving from paycheck to paycheck.

What are the Factors that Influence the Salary of Cybersecurity Engineers?

In addition to your decades of experience, there are additional elements that influence your cybersecurity engineer pay.

The following are the primary factors that can influence your pay for this position:

Academic Qualifications

Although the majority of employers want a bachelor’s degree, many also demand a master’s degree. Since employers typically require a master’s degree when there is a larger need for advanced or professional expertise, this can increase the pay of a cybersecurity engineer.

Level of Competence

Your level of competence, or more specifically, how useful you will be viewed by the company, is among the main crucial criteria that will influence the amount of money you will make as a cybersecurity engineer.

Although five to 10 years of expertise in information security are typically required, not all competence is created equal.

Individuals with five years of extensive competence in advanced information security will likely be highly valuable as cybersecurity engineers than those with the same amount of time in a less competent position. The simplest common way to demonstrate this value is through a higher wage.

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Level of Certifications

Obtaining many certifications as a cybersecurity engineer is a wonderful additional technique to guarantee that your pay is higher than the national average.

Although there are no data that quantify the amount that a particular certification can increase your earnings, the majority of pertinent certifications can assist you in securing a higher wage.

You may want to consider going for a few pertinent cybersecurity engineer certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) and GIAC® Security Essentials (GSEC).

Particular Metropolitan Region

As a cybersecurity engineer, there are other ways to boost your salary besides spending on your education, training, and certifications.

The state where you reside can have a major influence on how much money you can make as a cybersecurity engineer.

The Following are a few instances of the typical wages in certain well-known American urban regions:

  • Washington, District of Columbia: $104,134
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: $100,382
  • San Diego, California: $97,568
  • Atlanta, Georgia: $91,939
  • San Francisco, California: $125,712
  • New York City, New York: $122,898

It is very obvious that the metropolitan region may significantly affect your cybersecurity engineer approach. You might occasionally make less money than the national average, as Atlanta showed. We advise that you go for San Francisco or New York City.

Level of Specialization

As a basic guideline, specialization will enable you to make extra money, and this is true for cybersecurity engineers as well. Your position will adjust as a result, however this is because your highly specialized expertise will be heavily utilized.

Think about this for a minute: Application security engineers may anticipate earning a median income of $131,956 from ZipRecruiter, which is roughly 50% above the national average for cybersecurity engineers.


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What Is the Time Frame for Becoming a Cybersecurity Engineer?

Depending on your training, work history, and qualifications, you may be able to become a cybersecurity engineer within a certain number of years.

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The majority of individuals can obtain an entry-level cyber security engineer role in two to four years if they have the necessary skills.

A certification is a guaranteed approach to enter this industry swiftly for an individual who has previously been operating in IT and has sufficient expertise.

What are the Jobs available for Cybersecurity Engineers?

Leaders and company directors all over the world have been paying heed to the major stories regarding public and personal data thefts.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that from 2019 to 2029, job openings in cybersecurity are expected to increase by 31%, with unemployment in the industry being extremely low.

Additionally, $6 trillion is anticipated to be invested on cybersecurity yearly by 2021. Individuals with cybersecurity engineering expertise will be well-suited for these positions.

Network security security engineers, IT security engineers, security analysts, penetration testers, information assurance engineers, and information systems security engineers are some of the jobs that are available for cybersecurity engineers. The good thing is that all these are all well-paying, secure occupations as well.

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Thank you for reading this article on “what is the median salary of a cybersecurity engineer.” Among the trendiest positions in the information security industry right now is cybersecurity engineer.

Due to the benefits they provide, companies are requesting more and more that this position be added to their lists. Although cybersecurity engineers are predicted to start off with a good average earnings, that isn’t where the metaphorical money ends.

You can increase your salary much above the national average for this very good salary level by incorporating other factors to your profession, such as getting further schooling, obtaining further certifications, and relocating to a major state.

Indeed, cybersecurity engineers earn a good living, and if they take the appropriate steps, they can increase their earnings.



















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