Does Safeway Cash Checks?

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Does Safeway cash checks? This article explains everything you need to know about Safeway including whether Safeway does cash checks. Beginning in 2022, Safeway stores will actually permit customers to cash checks in any part of the store.

Safeway will only cash up to $1500 for employees in accounting, clerking, and administration. Checks must be valued 1.15% of the total amount to be cashed out at Safeway.

Continue reading this post for additional useful information if you’d like to learn further about Safeway’s check-changing policy, the types of checks customers can cash there, the fees they demand to cash checks and many more.


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A Brief History about Safeway

Safeway is a supermarket business based in the United States of America that has over 1,700 locations within the US. Along with a huge variety of different food and home goods, Safeway also carries a number of distinctive personal label goods.

Safeway is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer support and new, high-quality goods at affordable pricing. M.B. Skaggs established Safeway in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1915. The business expanded quickly, and by 1926 it had 2,600 locations all over the country.

Skaggs combined Safeway with a different supermarket business called the Sam Seelig Company in 1930. The new business was known as Safeway Stores Incorporated.

Safeway diversified its business into Canada and the UK in the 1940s and 1950s. The business started putting more of an emphasis on offering top-notch goods and first-rate customer support in the 1960s.

Safeway was among the earliest supermarket businesses to provide a money-back satisfaction assurance on most of its goods.

Does Safeway Cash Checks?

Making daily bread can be challenging in this current financial climate. Several consumers are resorting to check-cashing businesses to ensure they can pay for their essential bills due to increased prices and erratic earnings.

Luckily, Safeway stores provide a quick and inexpensive option to cash checks. Safeway can assist you acquire the money you require, regardless of if you are cashing a payroll check or a government-written relief check.

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Additionally, Safeway is a cost-effective choice for whoever wants to cash a check with costs that are only 1.15% of the check’s amount. Therefore, whenever you’re looking for fast money, ensure to visit your neighborhood Safeway store.

Safeway’s Policy for Cashing Checks

Two instances of the kinds of checks that Safeway doesn’t cash are personal and payroll checks. A corporation or organization need to open an account with Safeway to write a check that can be cashed there. Additionally, the routing and account numbers on the check must reflect those on record with Safeway.

They can accept the following kinds of checks:

  • Government-written checks
  • Stimulus checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Payroll checks

Clients cannot be allowed to cash their checks at Safeway if they lack the necessary identification or the check fails to fit the criteria. Nevertheless, if Safeway is not an alternative, there are several locations where clients can cash their checks.

While many credit unions and financial institutions would impose a cost for this service, a few will cash checks for those who are not clients. Clients also have the option of opening a checking account so they can cash their checks by themselves.


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Safeway’s Policy on Returned Checks

You might be having trouble understanding what will be the outcome if a check is returned. Although Safeway is not totally explicit on this issue, we advise that you personally contact the Safeway store and ask the on-site customer support supervisor for more information.

Safeway Check Cashing Charges and Restrictions

The business cashes checks up to a $1,499.00 maximum. You must pay $2.25.00 per each $200 you cash. The typical charge is this, although on unique circumstances, the cost can be reduced. As a result, you must constantly stay vigilant.

Which Kinds of Checks Won’t Safeway Cash?

Personal and handwritten checks are not presently authorized by Safeway, although other kinds of checks can be cashed there.

The purpose of this rule is to lessen the possibility of theft. Safeway cannot afford the danger of cashing the check if the check’s owner’s identification cannot be adequately confirmed.

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Nevertheless, since fresh technologies are created that can aid to confirm the identity of the check owner, this rule could alter later. Clients of Safeway will have to seek a different option to cash their personal checks and handwritten checks in the interim.

Can You Cash Multiple Checks at Safeway?

Although there is a certain quantity of funds that may be processed in one go, there is no restriction on the quantity of checks that you can possibly cash at Safeway.

Therefore, the number of checks you can cash will depend on the overall quantity of funds reflected by all of your specific checks.

Only government-written checks, payroll checks, and cashier’s checks are authorized, therefore based on the amount an individual earns from salary, it makes sense to assume that just a few checks might be cashed in one go.

The amount of checks that may be cashed is unrestricted at the store, but take into account that every check must be examined for legitimacy and correctness.

The check can’t be handled if any differences are discovered. It’s advisable to just cash a little checks at Safeway each time to prevent any problems.

How much Does It Cost to Cash a Check at Safeway?

The cost to cash a check at Safeway is $2.25 for every $200. Therefore, if you are cashing a $1,000 check, you will have to pay $11.25 in charges.

Although it might not appear to be much at first, it can mount up with time, particularly if you’re cashing several checks. Additionally, the charge increases naturally with the quantity of the check.

Therefore, if you need to cash a sizable check, you might want to think about using another company that charges lesser than Safeway.

What Days Does Safeway Cash Checks?

Safeway supplies check-cashing operations every day of the week, unlike many stores that exclusively do so within the workweek.

Nevertheless, each Safeway store will have a different set of operating hours. Many stores provide this service around-the-clock, whilst other stores have a more limited timetable.

It is advised to contact the Reception Desk or go to your neighborhood store and inquire from a store worker when your neighborhood Safeway permits clients to cash checks.

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By doing this, you can guarantee that you will not have to queue in order to cash your check when the store is shut.

Which Place In the Store Does Safeway Cash Checks?

Not having a bank account cannot stop you from cashing a check at Safeway. You can visit Safeway to cash a check if you even if you don’t have a bank account

Safeway cashes checks at the customer support counter in almost all of their stores. It is advisable to phone beforehand or inquire at the customer support counter when you visit because this can vary depending on the store.

Furthermore, you can seek for help at the customer support counter if you are having difficulty in finding their cash checking facility.

Safeway often charges a little amount to cash a check, although this price is typically far lower than what you would pay at a check-cashing store. Therefore Safeway is an excellent choice if you want to cash a check without a bank account.

Locations of Safeway Check Cashing Stores

More than 2,000 Safeway stores can be found in 33 states plus the District of Columbia. Depending on where you live, these stores might or might not be close by.

As a result, the business has established a 24/7 customer support department to assist you in finding the Safeway that provides check cashing operations closest to you.

If you’re curious about how they accomplish it, the method is straightforward. All you have to do is go to their official website, give your address, and the customer support department will respond with details about where you may get their services the closest to you.


Thank you for reading this article on “does Safeway cash checks.” Every of Safeway’s retail stores in Canada and the US cash government-written checks, payroll checks, stimulus checks, and cashier checks.

Since these checks are endorsed by the government or a financial institution, they are authorized. As at the time of writing, they do not cash personal or handwritten checks.




















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