Can You Tax a Motorbike Without Insurance?

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Can you tax a motorbike without insurance? After reading this article, you will be able to identify if you can tax a motorbike without insurance or not. Let’s begin by knowing what a motorbike tax is all about.

What Does Motorbike Tax Mean?

What Does Motorbike Tax Mean
What Does Motorbike Tax Mean


Almost all cars that drive on the highways are subject to this tax, commonly referred as vehicle excise duty (VED), which is a federal fee.

It consists of:

  • Oversized loads trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Vehicles
  • Wagons

An annual fee is required, and failure to cooperate will result in fines. The Customs and Inland Revenue Act of 1888, which established the tax, around 1880s.

Highway building was funded by using the proceeds from car registration fee over 100 years ago. Because of this, many still refer to it as a “highway levy.”

This has now been altered, though. The funds are now deposited into a national pot controlled by the federal authorities. Highway upkeep expenses are covered by public revenue.

Trying to navigate past the apparently unceasing amount of cracks on our highways after needing to pay for this levy can be very gratifying.


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Can You Tax a Motorbike Without Insurance?

A lot of times, our reading audience have been asking us if they can tax a motorbike without insurance. we have dedicated this paragraph to answer the question. so keep reading!

The exhilaration of racing on two tires has enticed more individuals to motorcycles over the past 20 years, enhancing their appeal.

According to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and the Department for Transport, there were over 1.35 million motorbikes and pushbikes that were licensed in Great Britain in 2020, rising from 896,000 at the beginning of the millennium.

Because there are a lot cyclists using our highways, it is everyone’s duty to care of one another. This entails exercising caution while on the go, however it also calls for making certain your motorbike and you are both sufficiently secured.

A violation of the law might have serious repercussions if you fail to obtain motorbike insurance. Firstly, your motorbike requires to be licensed.

Your licensing document, commonly known as a “green slip” or “logbook,” or a “V5C/2” (fresh owner note), as well as motorbike insurance, are essential when you register your motorbike.

It is deemed unlawful to use a motorbike lacking insurance. You risk fines or possibly a cycling suspension if you are discovered to be not having insurance.

If you don’t have the proper insurance to ride your bike, you risk getting fined despite it is insured. You cannot avoid the reality that a lot of significant matters must be resolved before you are permitted to legitimately ride a motorbike or moped on UK highways. Levies are part of them.

In a logical sense, it’s not a highway levy. Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is what it is, and the sum depends on a number of things, such as the grade and power of the car.

It further decides how you’d like to settle the entire levy.


Are Motorbike Taxes Necessary?

Are Motorbike Taxes Necessary
Are Motorbike Taxes Necessary


It is unavoidable if you desire to ride your motorbike on the highway. It’s a yearly expense that you should include in the budget of possession together with motorbike insurance.

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Except if you have an impairment or the motorbike is excluded, it is actually unlawful to operate on the highway lacking the required tax in order.

You risk being fined if your motorbike doesn’t have current taxes.


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What is The Criteria For Taxing A Motorbike?

Basically all, although in order to be allowed to spend tax on your motorbike and moped, or if the car is over 40, you must first pass a certified MOT inspection at a licensed inspection facility.

Outdated motorbikes no longer need to have MOT or pay taxes as of May 2018 thanks to a policy change.

If you want to avoid paying MOT or tax on your motorbike, it must have been licensed before January 1st, 1978.

However, despite if the car is really not needed for taxation, you still need to enroll to legally license your moped or motorbike.

What is the Motorbike Tax Rate?

Cars are subject to a tax that varies depending on their emissions, vehicle capacity, and license date. Users of motorbikes, nevertheless, have much easier situations.

The amount of the tax is determined by the capacity of your motorbike. The wonderful part is that it will cost far less than a car.

Four sorts of payments are distinguished:

  1. Above 600cc
  2. 401cc-600cc
  3. 151cc-400cc
  4. Below 150cc

Naturally, you pay higher if the engine is large.

The latest motorbike tax rates are:

  • 401cc – 600cc pays £69
  • Anyone whose engine is above 600cc pays £96
  • 151cc-400cc pays £45
  • If it’s up to 150cc you will pay  £21 annually

It is also feasible to split out the expense of motorbike levy into 12 monthly payments to aid with saving. You do, nevertheless, you will be charged a little more for this benefit.

The costs increases to:

  • 401cc-600cc pays £72.45
  • Anyone whose engine is above 600cc pays £100.80
  • 151cc-400cc pays £47.25
  • 150cc pays £22.05

You can pay a fixed six-month fee of £37.95 or £52.80 if you have a robust motorbike that is above 400cc.

By consenting to make this payment via straight transfer each six months, you can also reduce it considerably. This ought to reduce it to £36.23 and £50.40.

Ways to Pay Motorbike Taxes

It must not take too much time to tax a motorbike. In reality, if you have obtained the necessary details, you may complete it online quickly.

Browse the GOV.UK portal, where you would be guided during the procedure, for the simplest method.

Before you may begin, a variety of paperwork are required. The first is a fresh notice (V11) or even a statement of final caution from the DVLA.

You might need to modify your location if the DVLA do not hold the most recent version of your location even if you’ve never received a V11 notification statement.

Additionally, you require a journal (V5C) that should be in your person. The green “current owner” note from the former seller’s journal is needed if you recently purchased the motorbike.

Bank transfer, credit card, or overdraft card deposits are all acceptable methods of payment. Decide primarily on what ideally interests you, taking into account any price disparities.


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Consequences of Being Caught Without a Highway Tax

If you operate a motorbike or moped on public highways without a any license showing that you are excluded from paying tax and an FPN, you could face sanctions of up to PS1000. (FPN) in the sum of PS80 may be granted.

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Any unpaid levies on the vehicle must be paid by the authorized possessor. Dozens of pounds in sanctions may need to be made in attempt to release the motorbike or moped if the car is seized.

If the authorized possessor, who is liable for settling the penalties owing, does not release the confiscated car, it may be burned.


What are the Methods to Tax My Motorbike?

What are the Methods to Tax My Motorbike
What are the Methods to Tax My Motorbike


There are options if you don’t desire to use the internet platform. By dialing 0300 123 4321, you can reach the DVLA Vehicle Tax Service and complete the process via the telephone.

The old-fashioned method of filing your taxes still exists; you can stand in line at your neighborhood post center.

You ought to carry extra material with you in addition to the V5C journal and the V11 notification.

The foremost is a current MOT document, which is effective from the commencement period of your car tax or, if that date comes afterwards, from the date your car tax is granted.

Direct debit, cheques, bank card or credit cards, notes, or perhaps a postal transfer are all acceptable forms of settlement.

The DVLA can be reached via telephone, mail, live chat, or perhaps by letter if you have any additional questions about taxes.

Callers should dial 0300 790 6801. Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–8 p.m., this is likewise accessible on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What Occurs If I don’t have Motorbike Insurance?

Sanctions, judicial hearings, cautious driving obligations, registration restriction, and even detention are possible penalties for driving without the proper insurance policy.

The repercussions are extremely harsh if you are driving an unlicensed car and smash another car.

Tips to Find Out if Your Motorbike is Taxed

If you browse the GOV.UK portal, you can quickly determine whether your motorbike tax has been charged.

The car’s license plate is all you require. In ensuring that the tax has been completed, the agency then takes you via a few procedures. To ensure that the motorbike displayed is actually belongs to you, you must verify a few fundamental facts.

After that, the portal verifies your tax and notifies you of the dates for the subsequent settlement and yearly MOT.

Is it Possible to Pedal a Motorbike Home after You Have Bought it?

If you have the commercial invoice and ownership with the time of sale, you can pedal the motorbike home after buying it.

Every state has a time limit of some days in which operator of the motorbike can license their vehicle. But you should confirm that you have the necessary protection in order before you start driving the car or motorbike.

What age is Required for a Motorbike to be Excluded from Tax?

One of the many advantages of possessing a stunning vintage motorbike is avoiding annual tax obligations.

If your motorbike was constructed over 40 years ago, you can officially seek for your car to be excluded from tax.

According to the regulations, if your motorbike was made before the commencement of 1981, you can cease to pay car tax as of the first of April 2021

Nevertheless, if you don’t owe any taxes, you will require to follow the procedure.

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Additionally, it will not be excluded from car tax if it is operated both publicly for an industry or company and for lease or profit. Notify the DVLA if you have some concerns.

Is it Possible to Purchase Motorbike Insurance Without a United Kingdom Permit?

Whether you have a certain type of permit or not is irrelevant. You must insurance your motorbike if you have one in the United Kingdom.

Does It Cost Less to Insure a Motorbike in the Cold Season?

In order to avoid paying higher rates, you should not stop your motorbike insurance during the cold season. Insurance firms are aware that you pedal throughout the four bright, hot, and moist months of the season.

Is There Anything That Can Occur if I’m Using My Motorbike?

For however long you decide, even if its infinite, the regulations remains the same for the cars that have been taken off the highway.

It will still be noted that our car is away from the highway as soon as you make a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Before permitting your motorbike to ride on the highway again, you must carefully tax it.

Examples of Some Other Motorbike Tax Exclusions

If you are handicap, you might be able to get rid of your road tax.

If you get any of the below, for instance:

  • Increased premium flexibility element of Adult Disability Payment (ADP)
  • Bonus for Flexibility of Battle Retirees
  • Compensation for Military Detachment
  • Greater Premium Movement Element of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Improved Premium Flexibility Element Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

There are more restrictions. The handicapped individual must be the exclusive user of the car, and it should be licensed in their identity or the identity of the designated motorist.

Additionally, just one car tax exclusion request may be made at once.

Is it Possible to Use My Insurance to Operate a Different Motorbike?

The absolute least mandated by regulation is just insured by completely thorough motorcycle insurance coverage when it pertains to operating another person’s motorbike.

Is it Possible to Collect My Motorbike Tax Back?

You can be eligible to obtain back your tax in certain situations.

Your motorbike tax may be given back to you on some conditions which includes:

  • If it was shipped beyond the United Kingdom.
  • If any adjustments to the tax exclusion are made
  • When it has been plundered. But you must adhere to a procedure that requires you to instantly notify the authorities and your insurance provider. The portal GOV.UK has additional details.
  • Whether it was dismantled. A car muffler shop may be used for motorbikes that have lasted a long time or that require maintenance that are overly expensive relative to their value.
  • If it has been declared totaled in a mishap. It’s possible that your insurance firm declared the motorbike totaled, which implies it would be expensive to fix.
  • If it has gotten removed from highway and is parked in a carport. For instance, if you plan to fix or refurbish the motorbike and it will not be driven for some time. A SORN is needed in this case.
  • If the motorbike has been shifted to another person or auctioned. To organize their appropriate taxes, fresh purchasers are accountable. The motorbike is unable to transport it.


Can you tax a motorbike without insurance? You cannot fund or insure your vehicle for utilization on public areas lacking an MOT card.







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