How to Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

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This article reveals how to make money selling Iaso Tea. We also shared with you some vital things you may want to know about iaso tea. Kindly read to the end!

What is Iaso Tea?

What is Iaso Tea?
What is Iaso Tea?


Total Life Changes, a multi-level marketing organization (also known as straight marketing, channel distribution, or Ponzi promoting) with headquarters in Fair Haven, Michigan, produces Iaso detox tea.

According to the manufacturer, Iaso tea is a “global popular non artificial purification liquid” that is capable to “assist you reduce weight, improve vitality, enhance intellectual sharpness, and detoxify your inner structures” and that its “special composition of nine ‘vital’ ingredients eliminate the system of poisonous chemicals.”

According to the claims, consuming 2 1/2 tablespoons every day would help you “reduce about 5 pounds in 120 hours.”

Both Iaso Original Tea and Iaso Instant Tea are purifying teas made to support a healthy blood supply, flush, and enhance metabolism.

The drinks also encourage “effective” restroom visits, indicating that they are probably enemas.


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How to Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

Countless times, we have received lot of questions on how to make money selling iaso tea from our reading audience and we have provided a satisfying answer to your questions in this paragraph.

Since Total Life Changes is an MLM business, you must register through one of their current salespeople, referred to as Life Changers, so you can be able to promote iaso tea.

Possibly, if you’re viewing this, you’ve already registered or you know a person who promotes the stuff. You can begin the registration procedure on the Total Life Changes site even if you don’t know any Life Changers, and then select a local Life Changer to be your listing agent. You can make so much money selling iaso tea.

How Much is Iaso Tea?

On the Total Life Changes site, 5 tea sachets of Iaso Tea Original cost $49.95. A 10-packets of tea sachets costs $58.50 on Amazon, which is less expensive than the TLC website.

50 packets cost $59.95 for the Quick edition on the Total Life Changes site. 50 packets cost $69.95 on Amazon.

One tea bag costing $12 is incredibly expensive. On Amazon, the majority of containers of “clean” tea cost around $5 and $15 for 15 to 25 sachets.

With the exception of delivery charges, Iaso provides a 30-day cash back warranty on its items.


Health Advantages of Iaso Tea

Health Advantages of Iaso Tea
Health Advantages of Iaso Tea


There isn’t much concern about excessive consumption on this tea’s constituents, such as myrrh and blessed thistle, even though they can be dangerous in excessive consumptions.

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Even though many of the merits touted by Iaso’s goods are unproven and improbable, there are certain key advantages that can’t be overlooked.

Numerous constituents in the tea are well renowned for their nutritional virtues, which range from supporting improved relaxation and digestive wellness to reducing eating.

The impacts of chamomile on your health have perhaps been studied the best thoroughly of all the essential constituents in the tea.

The potent chemicals found in chamomile are thought to reduce tension and worry and aid with relaxation.

Given that they combine with all of the other advantages of a nutritious cuisine and way of existence, these impacts cannot be minimized.

It has been demonstrated that reduced tension rates lengthen longevity and lower the danger of developing catastrophic diseases like tumor and insulin.

Below is the list of acclaimed benefits of Iaso Tea:

Enhances Your Psychological and Bodily Health

This statement may be accurate, if not slightly deceptive. This product undoubtedly has features that can enhance your general standard of existence, such as improved comfort of daily existence and hunger control.

Getting more restful nap benefits several aspects of your wellbeing.

Promotes Rest, Vitality, and Blood Flow

We can assume that Iaso functions well in this particular region. There is ample scientific data to back the hypothesis that several of their condiments reduce anxiety and enhance relaxation.

Some aspects of our wellbeing can greatly profit from better bedtime as well. Your attitude and general wellness can be greatly impacted by receiving the appropriate duration and level of rest, which is even highly crucial.

Adequate rest helps blood flow since it brings down stress levels.

Cleanses and Calms Your System

By removing impurities from your body, Iaso says that their tea “cleanses” your higher and bottom bowels.

There is limited clarification of this term in the clinical field, so any promise that a medication can cleanse your body should raise red flags.

A good sign that the producer might be lying about what their medication does is that they are unable to specify the particular impurities it eliminates or how it does so.


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What are the Contents Used to Produce Iaso Tea?

What are the Contents Used to Produce Iaso Tea?
What are the Contents Used to Produce Iaso Tea?


The eight herbs, flavors, and nuts that make up iaso tea are all organic.

Marsh Mallow leaves

This plant’s stems were caramelized to produce a primitive version of the sweets we now savor. When used externally, the soluble fiber found in marshmallow is beneficial in curing facial conditions like sores and abscesses. Nonetheless, there is not much data to support its use as a top up.

Blessed Thistle

The blessed thistle shrub treats dyspepsia with its blooms, stalks, and branches. It is an effective fighter of acid and could benefit those who suffer from gastric acid illness. It’s also frequently employed to improve nursing moms’ milk production.

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Although blessed thistle is often regarded as “largely harmless,” high doses have been linked to intestinal upset. Dehydration and nausea could result from this, but not possibly fatal.


Both the carbohydrates and protein content of pawpaw are modest. Since they encourage consistent feces, fruits are typically quite good for your intestinal tract. The intestinal agent lipase is found in pawpaw.

Iaso’s hunger reducer technique mostly relies on pawpaw’s ability to keep you staying satisfied for a prolonged time.


The blossoms of chamomile, which have been proved to be beneficial at lowering tension and worry and promoting restful relaxation, are cultivated all-round the planet.


Reactive effects exist in ginger. It aids in your body’s decomposition of obesity. A great strategy to speed up your circulation and encourage organic fat reduction is to include ginger in your meals on a regular basis.

Ginger has been shown in a research to have amazing fat reducing properties. This only serves to emphasize how great ginger is as a coffee addition for fat loss.

Your uncomfortable belly is also soothed by ginger.


Since ancient times, myrrh has been employed to alleviate a wide range of illnesses. Health research has found some concerning unwanted reactions, but it hasn’t been able to support many of the benefits its proponents make.

Myrrh consumption should be prevented by those who have cardiovascular conditions because it can cause fibrillation. Additionally, there are certain known harmful connections between plasma drugs.

Malva leaves

The stems of the malva plant have medicinal properties. Additionally, their stems improve metabolism and have a powerful cleansing impact.

Persimmon leaves

The rich protein content of citrus herbs helps with metabolism. They are employed to lower cholesterol concentrations and reduce diarrhea. Due to their laxative qualities, these herbs have been employed for ages in indigenous and improvised treatments.

In addition, the herbs are a significant supplier of nucleic enzymes and rich in vitamin c.  They assist the cardiovascular and defensive functions.


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Is it Secured to Consume Iaso Tea?

In overall, teas are believed to be healthful, but before using them in a routine, you should think about the components. Before taking this product, anyone below 18, if you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding should consult their physician.

It is also advisable to contact with a doctor beforehand if you are facing any medical problem. iaso tea contains organic substances, however depending on your individual sensitivities or genetic biological factors, you could be intolerant to them.

Positive Testimonials of Iaso Tea

Consumers who have tested iaso cleansing tea have overwhelmingly given it excellent ratings. Numerous individuals claim that their increased slumber condition has made them seem extremely refreshed.

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A big percentage of people have reported seeing tremendous fat reduction after utilizing the medication for a lengthy duration of time.

Negative Testimonials of Iaso Tea

Iaso appears to be making every effort to suppress the numerous unfavorable web evaluations of their product.

The necessity of purchasing the product from “vendors” who fail to provide warranties on defective goods is constantly mentioned in criticisms. It is a sign of MLM marketing techniques.

Worries about the company’s labeling and manufacturing standards are cited in further accusations. Although this should be viewed with suspicion, numerous buyers reported acquiring packs that were damaged or broken.

Nevertheless, the bulk of critical reviews assert that the item was ineffective on its own. You must understand that each person is unique and that even the best well examined items don’t always work sometimes.

Although the Iaso Tea regimen doesn’t list any negative consequences, few people might have negative impacts from the Iaso Tea components, such as:

  • Abdominal ache
  • Abnormal intestinal sounds
  • Thirst
  • often peeing
  • Vertigo


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Ways to Utilize Iaso Tea

Knowing the exact instructions for utilizing Iaso Tea is crucial. The consumer must have roughly eight glasses of this drink before having their lunch and dinner, per the item’s directions.

Before consuming a meal in the night, consumers are advised to consume an extra four glasses for the greatest outcomes.

You are ultimately in power of how you choose to drink your tea. Many individuals ingest it slowly across the day and yet get the same effects.

Iaso tea TLC can reportedly be taken up to 12 glasses per day for the most advantages.

Iaso Tea Money Back Guarantee

All items bought via the main site are eligible for Iaso Tea’s 30-day money – back guarantee. Customers who bought the product on Amazon might have to get in touch with the business’ public support division for further details about money back guarantee.

Is it Okay to Drink Iaso Tea Hot or Cold?

Although Iaso intended for their beverage to be taken hot, a lot of consumers like it chilly. There is no basis to believe that the essential ingredients in the tea is less potent when served cold than when served hot.

What is the Duration of Time it takes for Iaso Tea to Begin to Produce Results?

Iaso Tea’s medicinal components begin to action virtually instantly. Nevertheless, it could require anytime from 14 days to many months before the anticipated results begin to manifest.


We have taken time to educate you on how to make money selling iaso tea. Simply register through their salespeople and promote the product.















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