Are Weighted Blankets Covered By Insurance?

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Are weighted blankets covered by insurance? We shall discuss the financial issues of weighted blankets in this post with reference to insurance. Kindly be informed that insurance policies can vary greatly depending on the country.

Weighted blankets only can serve as a warm supplement to some people’s good sleep. Others could need weighted blankets as a result of their health condition, which could be anything from stress to high functioning autism to uncomfortable limbs disorder.

There isn’t a clear solution to the subject of whether weighted blankets are funded by insurance, which is disappointing. The quick answer is: perhaps! Learn more about whether your insurance does or doesn’t pay for your weighted blanket by simply reading.

The subject of weighted blanket insurance is no distinct from the many complexities that exist in insurance contracts altogether.

Similar to a lot of health gadgets, the cost of weighted blankets is not set in stone. Weighted blanket costs range drastically.

A number of elements, such as the producer, the blankets’ quality, their physical size, and if they are produced to defined standards, have an impact on costs.

For instance, textile weighted blankets are more expensive than ones made of linen or silky sable material.

The typical cost of a weighted blanket doesn’t really seem expensive to certain individuals, but just the contrary is true for a lot of other people.

People who struggle to have a decent nights rest often find solace in weighted blankets. They make you feel comfortable and comfy at bedtime. Physicians and other health care providers advise patients to use weighted blankets.

People with specific health problems can gain greatly from using weighted blankets. Furthermore, plenty people are interested in finding out if the value of their medical care is funded by insurance.


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What are Weighted Blankets?

What are Weighted Blankets
What are Weighted Blankets


Blankets with implanted elements, such as pearls or Styrofoam, are similar to regular blankets in appearance. These are a method of study into manual counselling techniques for managing chronic autistic disorders.

They press the wearer out and awaken the haptic contact areas by embracing or softly gripping them. This process is known as “sinking,” and involves thicker blankets than usual.

Neuro transmitters, the body’s “look happy” chemicals, and dopamine are formed as a result of this process, while adrenaline, the anxiety chemical, is also lowered.

Studies has begun to examine additional applications of weighted blankets in different disorders following the breakthrough need for weighted blankets for perceptual assimilation treatment in autism.

Are Weighted Blankets Covered By Insurance?

It’s a valid topic that’s frequently posed: Are weighted blankets covered by insurance? Following fact, it is a clinical device that aids in treating different insomnia conditions.

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Although in the conclusion, it’s also a tremendously difficult topic to address. Numerous considerations must be made, including weighted blanket varieties and insurance companies.

The use of weighted blankets is reimbursed by a number of the biggest well – known health insurance providers in the country. They need a license with the appropriate clinical number. Frequently, a physician makes the demand for you.

The health insurance that reimburse weighted blankets are outlined below. There may be additional companies who offer reimbursement.

  • NHP
  • Network Health
  • BCBS
  • Medicaid
  • Mass Health

The Functions of Weighted Blankets

The basic mechanism by which weighted blankets function is Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). Individuals might discover tranquility by using DTP as treatment.

You must first be comfortable if you wish to take a nap. You’ll never obtain the appropriate quantity of rest if you’re aware, stimulated, and uneasy.

The following conditions are now treated with weighted blankets:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Schizophrenia
  • insufficient slumber
  • Severe discmfort
  • Autism
  • Dysfunction of Auditory Absorption
  • PTSD
  • Snoring Allergy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritable Bowel Disorders
  • Worry

Realize that we rest for one-third of our life. For this reason, it’s critical to receive the recommended quantity of rest. We should spend a lot of time doing that!


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Weighted blankets are reimbursed for the cure of the aforementioned ailments. This kind of medication counts as a health expenditure for the sake of health insurance reimbursement.

The weighted blanket offers comfort and may be a more affordable alternative to other types of medication.

The price of insurance reimbursement will, therefore, differ depending on the weighted blanket maker and the insurance company. Prior to making a demand, do some investigation on different weighted blankets.

Before choosing, consider the option’s price and grade. A specific weighted blanket could be suggested to you by your physician.

A health insurance company could also only reimburse a fraction of the expense. The outstanding balance of the payment will be your obligation.

To get a high-quality weighted blanket at a fair cost, talk to your physician regarding the multiple options available. You can also request a brochure from your health insurance company, which might offer a selection of weighted blankets.

Things Medical Insurance Provides

HealthCare.Gov lists 10 key medical features that insurance companies must incorporate. It comprises:

  • Care for children, particularly dental and eye treatment (insurance for grownup tooth and optometry is not a necessary medical advantage)
  • evaluation solutions
  • Therapies for prolonged illness control and treatment
  • medicines on dosage
  • Therapies for emotional wellness and addiction misuse problems, particularly psychological medical services (education and treatment are also featured)
  • infant, postpartum, and reproductive services (simultaneously prior to and following delivery)
  • immediate assistance
  • The price of medical care
  • Support for hospitalized older adults (You receive preventive treatment while being hospitalized to a clinic.)
  • Instruments and equipment for recovery and care facility (programs and tools to assist those with impairments, long-term sicknesses, or wounds in developing or regaining their cerebral and cognitive capabilities)
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Are Weighted Blankets Included?

Weighted blankets can be classified into a few different groups. For those who suffer from persistent ailments like extreme sleeplessness or troublesome limbs disorder, a weighted blanket could be considered a treatment and support health gadget that can aid.

The weighted blanket could fit into psychological medical treatments if you struggle with acute worry. Distress, ADD/ADHD, or a perceptual integration problem associated with autism are additional psychological medical issues that may be taken into consideration.

A further illustration would be if you employed your weighted blanket as a holistic protections. Your physician will determine what classification it falls into dependent on how you are now feeling.

The answer, meanwhile, depends from instance to instance because everything appears to be perception. Additionally, the criteria and rules for what is reimbursed by insurance vary throughout states.

While a few insurance firms have not, many have permitted the inclusion of freezing weighted blankets as health gadgets. It should go without saying that the reply partly relies on the state in which you reside along with your insurance company.

How Do I Pick The Proper Weight and Size?

How Do I Pick the Proper Weight and Size
How Do I Pick the Proper Weight and Size


It’s crucial to abide with the 10–12% principle while picking a weighted blanket. Consequently, you should acquire a weighted blanket that is 10–12% of your body size.

For maximum effect, do this. If you are purchasing it as a spouse, you must be aware of the thinner person’s weight. Acquire a weighted blanket that is 10–12% heavier than the one who is thinner.

It’s simple to do this. Knowing your goals can help you determine the size. Select the tiniest size if you only need the blanket to conceal a section of your body.

Pick a big size if you are a larger size or a pair. Observe the aforementioned sentence if you’re purchasing a weighted blanket together.


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How much is a Weighted Blanket Sold?

A weighted blanket’s cost differs depending on its grade and the producer. Beginning at $49.99 and going up to hundreds of dollars. Including out costs may be tough to achieve.

Companies like Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond have weighted blankets for sale. Trademark and costs is a choice on the companies. If your medical insurance policy will pay you, remember to keep your invoice.

Things You Must Do

In order to find out if weighted blankets are reimbursed by your insurance, you must immediately communicate with your provider.

The good news is that certain health insurance companies have recognized weighted blankets as clinical gadgets and are now willing to pay for them. Weighted blankets are not reimbursed by some insurance plans, according to some insurance providers.

For a grownup, buying a weighted blanket once from insurance may not seem like a big expense, but children grow rather quickly and would require to replace their weighted blankets regularly.

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Thus, it is crucial to have a health insurance policy that offers weighted blankets, particularly for children with unique necessities.

Weighted blankets with a reduced rate can also be reimbursed by certain providers. Related practices are used by several health insurance providers when it comes to particular pharmaceutical medications.

When there is a less priced and still functional option that the insurance holder chooses to disregard in favor of purchasing the higher costly model, the insurance provider may decline to compensate the purchaser.

Speak With Your Insurance Company

Because of this, it’s crucial to find out from the insurance companies which labels they would recover acquisitions of and if there is a cap on the price at which the blankets may be purchased.

Additionally, it is crucial to consult your medical professional, who is frequently a physician or chiropractor.

Coverage claims are handled on a scenario manner by several medical insurance providers, including Medicaid (a state-run medical insurance scheme).


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Obtain a Diagnosis From a Licensed Physician

A weighted blanket diagnosis from your physician or your kid’s doctors could go a great mile toward guaranteeing that you be compensated for the price of your investment.

The advantages of weighted blankets for health are yet not widely known among physicians. Your physician will  be required to do their homework by searching the library for research that prove the advantages of weighted blankets in the disease you or your kid are getting cared for if they want their insurance to pay for anything such as weighted blanket.

You can request a weighted blanket from a health supply company and utilize the receipt to submit a claim to your insurance company if you desire to purchase a weighted blanket but don’t currently have the funds to do so.

Consumers of weighted blankets have grown very fond of this alternative. It reduces the necessity for bargaining with your medical insurance companies and speeds up the process of making your acquisition.

Instead, you might buy a weighted blanket directly and then submit your receipt for compensation to your insurance provider.


Are weighted blankets covered by insurance? weighted blankets are significant healthcare tools with uses in the treatment of numerous psychological illnesses and the reduction of worry in either kids or grownups. Weighted blankets’ value in treating various illnesses has been proven in numerous research.

Orthopedic health professionals are starting to realize how important it is to advise and provide patients with weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are currently not reimbursed by some medical insurance providers, though.

You should check with your individual medical insurance companies to see if weighted blankets are covered by them, and you should also discuss the idea of getting a dosage for one with your clinician if you or a beloved one needs one.





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