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Top 11 Online Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

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Online Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

Most women in Nigeria are mostly feeling discouraged to start an online business in the country due to inferiority complex. That is why when the topic, Online business for ladies in Nigeria is discussed, most ladies feel it is not for them.

But here in this article, we’ll talk about some online business ideas that are most suitable for women in Nigeria.

How social media has increased the presence of online businesses for ladies in Nigeria

There are 1.86 billion active Facebook users each month, there are 1.15 billion active mobile users daily, and there are 313 million monthly active users on Twitter. There are roughly 6,000 Tweets per second, or 500 million per day


These are really the tip of the iceberg; for more amazing live internet statistics. In Nigeria, there are a ton of online firms with profitable concepts that will be profitable to ladies in Nigeria.  Because your target market spends practically their whole day online on various social media platforms, you as a woman can make money online

The numerous options for producing money are only accessible to the astute.

The Nigerian Economy and the women thereof

Check out this post if you’re a woman trying to start a successful online business; it’s for you. Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, but graduate unemployment there has grown to be a serious problem since young people who are unemployed tend to become more despondent every day. 

As a woman In Nigeria, you can start a variety of profitable businesses for ladies and earn a substantial income every day.  The interesting part of this article is that all these businesses can be carried out online.

The Internet revolution and how it affects ladies’ economic growth in Nigeria

In Nigeria, internet usage is at an all-time high. Over 91 million people in Nigeria use the internet out of a total population of 184 million, according to an NCC report from June 2017. It’s estimated that mobile devices account for 85% of these users’ internet access. The internet serves as a great leveler in this era of widespread technological adoption. 

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Top 11 Online Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria


Anyone who has a mobile device or laptop with internet access can start earning money online with little to no investment. If you are a lady in Nigeria and you are not yet making up to 5 figures from the convenience of your home, then this post on Online business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria is for you.

1. Establish a YouTube account 

Women in other country are seriously making not less than $120 a month from YouTube account. What they do is simply to stream live videos or upload pre-recorded videos to their account, videos that will drive engagements though. When thinking of an online business idea for ladies in Nigeria, this should be one of the hustles you should consider.

2. eCommerce

eCommerce is found to be a profitable business that can be done by women rather than men nowadays in Nigeria

All you need is a website to sell items online and receive payment.

When the website is operational, you can list the item and begin selling it. You can sell anything, from fairly used clothing, detergents, jewelry, skin care products, food (food that is standby and can be delivered anywhere), medicinal products and so much more. If you have a digital skill or two, you can sell them online too.

As your traffic increases, your sales will follow suit. 

3. Blogging

We have heard of Linda Ikeji and how she used blogging to turn her fortunes around for good years ago. Linda Ikeji is an example of numerous women who have made blogging to be a profitable business for them. Well, blogging is one of the most reputable online business for ladies in Nigeria. Its quite simple to start. Just open a blog and write on a niche of your expertise and get traffic from search engines as well as social media sites. I would strongly recommend starting a blog on a topic that is dear to you. Once you start getting some traffic, apply for Google Adsense program. Once approved, you can start making anywhere between $60 – $120 a month. The more your site’s traffic will grow, the more your earnings.

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4. Freelance writing

Freeelance writing simply means working from the comfort of your home. The need for freelance writing has increased more than ever.

This concept is related to blogging. If you are an excellent writer, freelancing is a fantastic option for you to earn money online. You can make between $10 and $50 for each article you publish if the material is good.

Some of the popular freelancing platforms known today are: Fiver, Upwork, etc.

5. Social Media Account Manager

Do you know there are thousands of high profile people, small or medium business who need individual like you to manage their social media account? As a lady, you can earn $50 to $500 for managing one single account. It is one of the secret and profitable Online business for ladies in Nigeria 

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most reputable and hot online businesses in Nigeria. It is a simple business, get a product from a client, sell it, and then get your profit. The product can be a digital product or an everyday product that can be used offline too. You can sell insurance, mutual funds, and business and personal loan packages online. Ladies are always more convincing than men and they are more profitable in business than men, thus it is easier for them to thrive in affiliate marketing.

You can build a website that allows customers to compare products, assisting them in choosing the one that best meets their needs before you sell to them. Affiliate Marketing programs in Nigeria include Konga affiliate program, Jumia Affiliate program, PayPorte, Web4Africa, etc.


7. Virtual Office Assistant

One of the top internet business ideas and a favorite among women is virtual assistance. While you perform the role of a personal assistant, you are not physically required to be with your client in order to provide assistance. With your abilities, you can assist others and manage their business in part in accordance with their requests.

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8. Sell Photos Online

Do you have a great eye for photography? Then there is a chance that you could earn a lot of money by selling your images online. There are many websites where you may upload photos as a minor online business and earn money for each and every download. Mattson Creation, BlueBay Ocean Limited, C and G Photographers, George Okoro Photography Company, PhotoNimi Photography Company, The Purple Crib Studios and other companies pay for photographs. 

9. Online Advertising Agency

On the Internet, there are advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are the companies promoting their products or services and publishers are website owners where these ads can be shown. If you are good at communicating with people, you can connect these two. All you’ve to do is create a list of publishers and give offerings to advertisers based on specific packages. This business is not meant for men alone, women in Nigeria can operate it too. 

10. Loan Apps

There are many women that are now venturing into loan app business. The business is simple, just hire a developer to develop an app for you, register with credit bureau get the funds, start loaning and get paid back with interest.  Loan apps is one of the profitable business for woman.

11. Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Trading

If you are a woman and you have a thorough understanding of the exchange market, then you will know that there is no hotter business than forex trading at the moment. People who trade currencies online can earn thousands of dollars. Due to the significant danger, it is not suggested for everyone. If you want to start this online business, you must fully understand it and should constantly experiment with tiny quantities before you get confidence. Some of the popular platforms where you can make money trading cryptocurrencies is Binance.


All these skills can be learnt individually for fees not more than 200,000 naira. Many parents spend more than that to send their girl child to Tertiary institutions over a course of 4 years minimum. Parents should strive to make sure that the girl child learns digital skills too so as to meet up with demands in the cosmos.

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