What Businesses Does Shaq Own?

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What businesses does shaq own? In this article, we shall talk about several businesses the retired great basketball player Shaquille O’Neal owns.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most well-known basketball players to ever step on the court. Despite being retired for years, he continues to be the subject of discussions among basketball fans all over the world, and it’s simple to understand why.

At the time of his historic run, he was a legendary Lakers player who won four championships and numerous additional individual honors throughout his reign.

He has had a very prosperous career off of the court, placing him among the richest former basketball players owing to the numerous businesses he owns.

He performs as a DJ under the name “DJ Diesel,” and he is also a presenter at TNT. However, how many businesses does Shaq own?

Shaquille O’Neal owns more than 50 different businesses. He has invested in companies like Lyft, Vitaminwater, and Rings.

Additionally, he owns 150 car washes, 40 24-hour fitness facilities, Big Chicken, a shopping mall, a movie cinema, and numerous nightclubs in Las Vegas.

He also has equity stakes in a number of medium- to large-sized businesses.

After his time playing basketball, Shaq had multiple endorsement contracts from various companies.

Furthermore, he has revealed on talk shows that his primary line of work is brand ownership, and he has amassed a good quantity throughout the years.


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The following list includes every business that Shaquille O’Neal owns:

Papa Johns

Papa John’s brand is one of the numerous investments Shaq owns. He joined the company’s board of directors and as an investor in 2019.

In the space of three years, Papa John’s declared that Shaq would get $8.5 million as a result of his contract with them.

Due to this, he granted Papa John’s permission to use his identity, voice, nickname, and photos in their promotional campaigns for $8.5 million.

This contract is remarkable because Shaq only asked for half of the money to be paid in cash. Following that, he became a shareholder and board member of the company, investing around $840,000 in 9 eateries located throughout Atlanta.

Their network shares went up by roughly 5% when they announced their contract with Shaq.


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Five Guys

Most likely, you already heard that Shaq is the owner of Five Guys franchises, as they are one of his investments that have received the most attention.

But are you aware that he is the owner of 155 locations? The mere fact that he owns so many locations, made Shaq own over 10% of all the franchisees in the company, which bring in a lot of money for him.

Speaking with CNBC, Shaq has stated that the burger business has treated him well and not only the advantages of having free meals available to him.

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But according to some rumors, he might have given up ownership of the Five Guys eateries.


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Auntie Anne’s

Shaq appears to have a flair for buying up numerous fast-food chains. Shaq also invested in Auntie Anne’s, which is a well-known brand.

In the United States of America, he is the owner of at least 17 of their booths. In Buffalo, New York, there are 8 of these and nine scattered throughout Michigan.

Big Chicken

In addition to making investments in or owning a portion of other restaurant companies, Shaq runs his own restaurant known as Big Chicken.

This restaurant was established in 2018 by Shaq and a group of associates called JRS Hospitality and Authentic Brands Group.

He declared in April 2022, that the company has big intentions to enter Texas’s four biggest markets.

He has endorsed a multiple unit development contract which enables a Texas-based proprietor to distribute Big Chicken across San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

These cities are four among the leading 11 markets by number in the United States of America.


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Krispy Kreme

Shaq referred to himself as the biggest lover of Krispy Kreme, and according to TMZ, he intends to buy 100 Krispy Kreme locations.

Currently, only one location in Atlanta belongs to him, which is worth an approximate of $2,750,000 as an investment, and he is eagerly seeking to grow his doughnut business.

Car Washes

Shaq more likely has locations in car washes than any other type of business he is into, and it was one of his earliest ventures. He is the owner of roughly 150 car washes in the United States of America.

Fitness Facilities

The full name of all Shaq’s fitness facilities are unknown to us for now, however, we are aware that there are about 40 24-hour fitness centers.

These fitness centers aren’t your typical set-up, as Shaq gave each fitness center his particular touch to give them a distinctive appearance.

Sacramento Kings

Despite the fact he seldom ever discusses it, Shaq is a shareholder in the Sacramento Kings. He has owned a minority stake, since his playing days, and neither the stake’s worth nor the scope of it are disclosed.

Nevertheless, his ownership interest in the Sacramento Kings is estimated to be between 2 and 4%.

We believe he keeps quiet about his stake in the Sacramento Kings due to his position as an NBA TV analyst.

HINT: On Jan 13, 2022, Shaquille O’Neal declared on the internet that he had formally sold his stake in the Sacramento.


Shaq has dabbled in the movie business as well. In 2012, he purchased a CityPlex12 movie theater in his community – Newark, NJ.

He has done substantial improvements to the building since he acquired it, and business has been booming.

Despite the fact that this may have been a nostalgic investment, but it has been profitable.

Google Stocks

Shaq has discussed his investment in Google multiple times. When Shaq originally arrived in LA in the late 1990s, he made a reservation at the Four-Season Hotel.

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He was looking after a kid in the foyer that was awaiting his father to conclude a business conference.

When the conference was over, the man discussed Google with him and encouraged him to make an investment

Shaq made a purchase when Google’s shares were priced at $75 each in 2004. Currently, a share of Google stock is roughly valued at $1200, and while it’s unknown how many shares Shaq first purchased, he did claim to have made a large profit.

Similar to everybody who had Google stocks, Shaq stated that his one mistake was not purchasing more of the stocks.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate has been advantageous to numerous sports people, including Shaq. He owns interests in a variety of residential and business properties.

The retired basketball hero founded The O’Neal Group in 2006, which has an outstanding portfolio.

The Met Miami was the first venture he financed under the O’Neal Group. This residential high-rise structure has more than a thousand apartments and stands at roughly 866 feet.

Authentic Brands

Since 2015, Shaq has owned shares in Authentic Brand Group (ABG) in a contract where he gave the company the rights to his name in order for them to make use of it in commercials and other marketing materials.

Shaq has the second-biggest personal shares in in Authentic Brands Group. You may be familiar with ABG through brands like Barneys New York, Forever 21, JCPenney, and many others.


Shaq and Reebok have been partners for a long time, and he was among the company’s first brand ambassadors.

Right around the time that Authentic Brands Group decided to buy Reebok, they rekindled their friendship with Shaq. Additionally, Shaq and Authentic Brands Group have a history together.

Shaq and Reebok have been partners since 1992 when he signed a multi-year contract worth roughly $15 million.

He introduced the extremely famous Reebok Shaq Attaq as a result of this partnership. Lately, he has expressed his intention to acquire Reebok through his partnership with ABG.


More than 120 million pairs of the sneakers that Walmart makes for Shaq have been sold. His shoe line debuted in the 1990s, and they were not well accepted as anticipated.

According to Shaq’s infamous statement, it was a conversation with a fan that inspired him to start his own shoe company.

He was addressed by a mother who expressed her sadness that NBA players solely promoted footwear costing $150 and more.

Therefore, Shaq considered this and chose to make a change instructing his team to reduce the price of the shoes without reducing their quality or elegance.

An important aspect of his shoes was the marketing which Shaq managed by himself. Every so often, Shaq revealed a few amusing accessories for the enjoyment of the general public and famous people, which eventually increased the brand’s awareness.

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Forest Road Acquisition

Forest Road Acquisition and Beachbody & Myx Fitness merger are among his latest investments. The joint company was worth roughly $3 billion following the merger.

Despite the fact that Shaq was only a tactical counselor, based on the information released, there is a good likelihood he holds a part given his business savvy.

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It is also not unlikely that his public image will raise the stock price of the company.


Shaq’s partnership with Buick is one of his funniest endorsements, which was broadcast on national TV in 2012.

They became close probably because of his portrayal of a genie in the movie Kazaam which aided in him obtaining a few endorsements, such as this one from Buick.

The purpose of the advertisement was to demonstrate how the Buick LaCrosse’s interior was roomier than that of rival hybrids.

Nevertheless, Shaq was obviously too big to enter inside the car and the video of him in it was funny. His legs appeared to be severely clenched and it was a confining situation.

Keyword: What businesses does shaq own


Shaq is a co-founder of an advertising company that emphasizes on Diversity. Omid Farhang serves as the company’s CEO. Omid Farhang was the former Momentum Worldwide chief creative.

Shaq’s public statement that he is fully participating in the company is as follows: “Most agencies still struggle to meet a 25% diversity target; we want to flip that diversity ratio to turn the minority into the majority.”

This company is in line with his early interests in fostering diversity and high-tech fitness equipment.

How Much Money Did Shaq Make During his NBA Career?

Shaq enjoyed success during his NBA career, and he was among the most prosperous players in his era.

Shaq earned more than $292 million among six teams when he left the NBA, if you count the money he makes from playing basketball.

At the conclusion of his NBA career, investments and other endorsement partnerships generated an additional $220 million.

Keyword: What businesses does shaq own

How Much Is Shaq’s Net Worth?

After Shaquille O’Neal’s many successful ventures, the net worth of Shaquille O’Neal is estimated to be $400 million.

His annual income, according to financial estimates, is about $60 million, which has progressively risen.

We completely anticipate that his net worth will improve in the future as Shaq has not given up on investing.

Keyword: What businesses does shaq own


We strongly believe that this article on “what businesses does Shaq own” has revealed to you various businesses Shaquille O’Neal owns.

Shaq is the owner of numerous companies and holdings in a variety of sectors and industries, and it does not appear as though he intends to stop making more investments.

Shaq has made a name for himself as a commercial tycoon and has thoughtfully invested the funds he earned from his time playing basketball.

Additionally, he runs a show known as Shaq Life, a reality television show that centers on his life and is presented by Samuel L. Jackson.


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