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Top 10 Business Along The Highway

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As an entrepreneur or a business person, one of the few things that will keep you going and encouraged is seeing your business grow. And of course, one of the key factors involved in the success of a business is location. And to help you out choose the best location, we will be showing you the best business along the highway.

This will include some top and best roadside business that you can do and make a lot of profit that will even get you shocked.

And along with that, answer questions that you might have regarding these small business ideas and how to get customers for our roadside business.

So, without further ado, let us proceed –

Things To Consider When Choosing A Business To Do Along The Highway

Before one gets to decide or choose a business along the highway, there are a few important factors that they should take into consideration.

Below are a few things to consider when choosing a business to do along the highway –

  • Your budget
  • Your skills
  • Partnership or Sole business
  • The local market

Laws and regulations guiding the highway

Top 12 Businesses Along The Highway

 1. Fuel Pump Station –

A highway is a very busy road where lots and lots of cars are on. And a lot of them are on the move. 

As a fuel pump station, you sell items such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, and other gasoline products.

Getting a fuel pump station along a highway is very profitable as you are likely going to make sales to most of the road users such as car owners, commercial drivers, and others. They are also easily approved by the government agencies that safeguard the businesses along the highway. 

 2. Automobile Repair Shop –

Another key business that is best along the highway is an automobile repair shop. As an automobile repair business, you are in charge of fixing or repairing most of the damaged automobiles used on the road as you are their nearest SOS. 

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This includes cars used by commercial drivers and private owners who can not fix their vehicles themselves. Some of the fixings you could do is changing tires, changing the car engine oil, and a lot of others depending on your level of skill.

 3. Food Or Restaurant Business –

One of the most profitable business in small towns is a food or restaurant business. Of course, while passing along a highway, a lot of people usually go down to get some refreshment. 

Imagine if there are about 150 persons on 3  commercial buses who alight to get some refreshment on a highway and your restaurant is also on the highway, chances are high that about 30+ of these passengers will also buy from your restaurant.

Aside from these commercial bus passengers, a lot of other road users will patronize your business and you will have a lot more increase in sales especially if your cooking skills are top-notch.

 4. POS Business –

Also known as “Point of Sale “, a POS business is one of the best business along the highway.  What makes it even more outstanding is that it is easy to start and you do not really need to have a huge capital to get started as some POS companies are giving their POS machines free to individuals.

Most highway users while on their trip will want to have cash with them. And as a POS agent, you are definitely going to make a lot of sales to them due to your location. Example of some POS companies are; 

  • Opay
  • Kudi
  • Baxi POS
  • Data way POS
  • Flutterwave POS

And a lot more…

 5. Medical Store Or Hospital –

Opening a medical store or hospital along a highway is one of the best businesses to do along a highway especially if you are into the business just to make money.

However, unlike other businesses on this list, to start a medical store or a hospital on a highway, you must have a health degree. And a verification from top health organizations that will serve as a recognition for you that you are indeed certified.

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 6. Grocery Store Or Supermarket –

A grocery or supermarket is one of the best ventures or businesses along the highway that you can start. 

Although this might sound like there is not enough cash or profit in this business, it is important to note that not just people staying around the highway area are going to be your customers but also the highway users. This includes commercial vehicle passengers and private car owners who are using the road. 

 7. Clothing For Boutique Business –

Everyone wears clothes and everyone buys clothes too. A clothing or boutique business is one of the best businesses that you can start along a highway.

One is likely going to get sales when his or her clothes are good-looking. I remember while I was on a vehicle, along with a few of my team members who 

 8. Car Wash Business –

A car wash business is well, one of the best business ideas that tend to do very well along the highway.

However, it is most often best that it is near an automobile repair shop as most people would not want to get down their vehicle just to wash their car which is of course bound to get dirty as the journey continues.

Nevertheless, it is a really profitable business to start along the highway.

 9. Ice-Cream Business –

Sometimes while on a journey, a lot of people complain of having a dry throat and they need something like ice cream to wet them down.

At times, kids could be involved in the journey and an ice cream is one of the best things that will keep them intact till the journey is over. And as such, setting up an ice cream business along the highway would expose you to these types of people and you are guaranteed to make a profit.

10. Furniture Business – 

I remember while I was on a vehicle, along with a few of my team members. We were set to move out of the state. While on our back on a highway, I had to stop at a furniture shop (name hidden) to get some furniture materials for our office.

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Now you might be asking what is special about that. Well, what is special about it is that the salesperson or furniture company was able to make some profit off me and what was even more surprising was that I had to stand in a queue before I could make the payment and continue with my journey. 

Imagine getting your furniture business along the highway. You are definitely going to make a lot of sales to people like myself.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Attract Customers On The Road?

Attracting customers on a highway might not be a big deal like most people feared. 

  • Make some colorful designs that would attract the road users’ attention
  • Make some sounds that will attract the road user
  • Offer a discount to old customers as they will want to keep up with you whenever they pass through the highway
  • Promote your business
  • Partner with a similar business. For example, as a car wash business owner, partner with an automobile repair business owner.
  • Recontact your old customers

However, whatever method that you choose to go with  or apply in your business, it is important to note that these people are in motion and that they would only use your service if it is important for them.

Can I Just Make Sells On Any Highway?

Yes, you can make sales on a highway. However, not on any highway as most highways are more busy than the other. You are less likely to make a lot of sales on a busy higher than on a less busy  highway.

Do I Need To Register A Business I Do Along The Highway?

This depends on the laws of your country. However, it is often better to register the business before one even starts it.


There are quite a lot of businesses that one can do along the highway that can generate a lot of returns for them.

And in this article, I have shown the top 10 best business along the highway that you can do. This includes some questions that you might have about some of these roadside businesses.

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