Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?

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Does Walmart cash payroll checks? Walmart offers a different way to cash checks with the help of its Walmart Money Center, which is available in all Walmart Stores.

Individuals can cash their checks at Walmart and receive their money quickly, just like they would at their nearby bank.

People who don’t have bank accounts or who prefer not to rely on banks to cash their checks can use this service.

The procedure is really simple and fast. You can cash your check without having to sign up or make any purchases at Walmart.

Additionally, you are able to obtain your money quickly. It’s a simple check cashing service you can count on whenever you want to cash your checks quickly.

So, does Walmart cash payroll checks?

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the process of cashing your payroll check through Walmart check cashing services.


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Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?

Yes. Walmart cash payroll checks, and their strategy in this case is pretty intriguing.

Walmart check cashing services is undoubtedly the best option for you should in case you want to cash your payroll check without a bank account, or you want to cash your check after normal banking times, or perhaps you want to cash your check for extra fast bucks for exigencies.

There is no need to sign up, and you must not have a Walmart MoneyCard in order to cash your payroll check.

Nevertheless, if you already have one, you can add money to it when you have cashed your check for further ease.

How Can I Cash My Payroll Check At Walmart Stores?

Simply bring your approved payroll check to the Money Center or Service Desk at your nearby Walmart to have it cashed.

You will likewise need to present a legitimate piece of picture identification that was given by the government.

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This may be either your driver’s license or passport. You could additionally be asked for your Social Security number, therefore remember to take your Social Security Card with you.

You must present identification and make the necessary payment at the checkout counter.

You will get your money quickly when the cashier confirms that all is in order and right.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, you are not obligated to sign up in order to cash your payroll check at Walmart.

Additionally, neither a Walmart Store Credit Card nor a Walmart MoneyCard are required.

How Much Does Walmart Charge for Cashing Payroll Checks?

The highest amount of check you can cash is $5000. Walmart, though, increases this cap to $7500 from January to April each year.

Every check of $1000 cashed at Walmart incur a $4 check-cashing cost. You will be billed $8 for each transaction to cash a payroll check that is within $1001 and $5000.

Kindly be informed that you are free to load all or some of the funds from your check onto your Walmart MoneyCard.

Nevertheless, you might save money because the $3 reload cost that is typically assessed for the service is eliminated. Remember though, the check-cashing charge is still subtracted.


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What Kinds of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Given the issue of check theft, Walmart is quite selective about the type of checks it takes for its check-cashing services.

So, Walmart only cash the checks listed below:

  • Tax refund checks
  • Cashiers’ checks
  • Retirement distribution checks from a 401(k)
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders provided by Walmart
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks

Walmart does not cash personal checks. Walmart can cash checks that are pre-printed, meaning they are not handwritten.

What Kinds of Checks Will Walmart Not Cash?

As previously said, Walmart is very careful about the kind of checks it accepts due to the rising issue of check theft.

For that reason, there are some kinds of checks Walmart won’t cash. Walmart won’t cash the following kinds of checks:

  • Checks that are older than 180 days
  • check dated later
  • Non-MoneyGram money orders
  • Handwritten checks
  • MoneyGram money orders not provided by Walmart
  • Personal checks
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Reasons You Should Open a Bank Account

Clients can cash their checks quickly, effortlessly, securely, and affordably at Walmart.

Clients without bank accounts or clients who require quick access to their cash will find it to be extremely beneficial. Some folks simply don’t like to cash their checks at banks.

You need to think about opening a bank account if you don’t already have one in order to begin cashing your payroll checks there.

There are various factors that can influence your decision to open a bank account;

Reduced Check Cashing Costs

Check cashing will be less expensive if you have a bank account than going to Walmart.

Check cashing costs can range from $3 to $10 at certain banks, whereas many banks do not charge anything.

Nevertheless, charges can differ from one bank to another. Certain banks also provide free check cashing up to $50 for their clients.

The cost could be greater for people who aren’t their clients but want to cash payroll checks at the bank.

In this situation, utilizing Walmart can be less expensive for people who aren’t clients.

Direct Deposit

Among the many benefits of having a bank account is that you can request that your company deposit your payroll directly into your account.

As soon as the funds are deposited, you can choose to take a withdrawal or use your debit card to make purchases without physically visiting the bank.

Contrary to Walmart, where you must stand in line to cash your payroll check, this is not the case.

You Can Get Your Funds Quickly

You can begin using the funds as soon as you get it since banks permit direct deposits from your company.

You can quickly access your funds and save yourself stress by simply opening a bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions on “Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?”

At What Time Does Walmart Cash Checks?

You are free to cash your payroll check whenever the Walmart store you go to is operational.

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To know the operational times of your nearby Walmart, go to the Store Finder website.

Can I Cash Two-Party Checks at Walmart?

Yes. You can cash two-party checks at Walmart. Walmart can accept two-party checks of $200 each for a fee of $6.

Walmart is an excellent alternative because many merchants and grocery stores charge around $10 to cash two-party checks.

What Identification Is Needed to Cash a Check?

In order to cash a check at Walmart, you must provide any of this kinds of I.D:

  • State Issued I.D.
  • S. Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Military I.D. and Tribal I.D.

Is It Possible to Deposit Funds on a Walmart Money Card?

Yes. You have the choice to load the check’s value onto a Walmart Money Card for potential purchases when you cash a check at Walmart.

Although it’s obvious that Walmart is trying to persuade you to buy more goods from them, it might be a clever strategy to aid with managing your finances.

Does Walmart Cash Stimulus Check or IRS Check?

Yes. If your stimulus check or tax refund check is not above Walmart’s check caps, they’ll gladly cash it.

Which Department in Walmart Should I Go to Cash My Check?

Your check can be cashed at the cashier, the customer support counter, and the Walmart MoneyCenter.

If you are with a sizable check, go to the customer support counter or the MoneyCenter instead of the cashier because they frequently do not have sufficient funds available to pay for your check.


Thank you for reading this article on “does Walmart cash payroll checks?”

People who require quick money can consider using Walmart Check Cashing service.

Although the service is somewhat more costly than banks, it is dependable, practical, and you receive your money quickly.

Casing your checks at Walmart is an excellent alternative you may want to consider if you don’t have a bank account.





















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