Can You Add Money to Venmo Card at ATM?

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Can you add money to Venmo card at ATM? This article is a complete guide on how to add money to Venmo card at ATM.

In this article, you will learn different methods you can employ to easily add money to Venmo card at ATM.

Venmo is a well-known payment application owned by PayPal. Venmo is used by lots of individuals to send and receive money without carrying cash.

You can obtain a Venmo debit card from Venmo that can be used at ATMs.

Nevertheless, a lot of individuals are still unaware that ATMs cannot be used to add cash to their Venmo cards. This is simply not possible.

Therefore, we shall discuss several solutions in this article that you can use to fix this issue.

Many banks permit their clients to use ATMs to add funds to their accounts or load funds onto their cards.

Perhaps some unpopular fintech apps such as Varo, Cash App, and Chime provide a comparable service.

If you are a user of any of these apps, you are free to add money at Walgreens or Walmart. However, you can’t do so at the ATMs.

Being able to add money to your Venmo account through ATMs or a retail outlet makes Venmo to be very unique.

In today’s post, we shall discuss various ways you can add money to your Venmo card. So read till the end.


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Can You Add Money to Venmo Card at ATM?

Currently, Venmo does not have a feature that enables you to add or load physical money to your Venmo card at ATMs or at the big-name retail outlets mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, if you make use of Venmo, there mustn’t be funds in your Venmo balance in order for you to make a payment.

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You can easily connect Venmo to your bank account, debit card, or other fintech apps.

Next, you can make payments instantly through Venmo using the connected payment option of your preference.

Venmo has already made available directions that will enable you do this quickly should in case you still haven’t done it.

All you have to do is to adhere to these directions from Venmo. It requires just a little time to complete the entire procedures.

Here are different approaches you can employ to add money to Venmo card at ATM.

Approach 1: Load Your Bank Account with Money, Connect It It Venmo, and then Deposit It At the Bank ATM.

If you intend making use of funds on Venmo, you may easily make an ATM deposit into a connected bank account.

Once that’s been completed, you can then make payment through Venmo with the connected debit card or bank account.

You are free to connect about four bank accounts or debit cards at once, which is why this method much more convenient.

You are also free to connect the whole of your bank accounts and debit cards to your Venmo account for simpler accessibility if you own more than one.

You ought to be able to deposit money into an ATM at conventional financial institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and several others.

If you are thinking about creating a fresh bank account, you have to learn more about this option beforehand.

Therefore, beginning from today, simply use the ATM to deposit money into your bank account anytime you wish to make use of Venmo.

If your bank account or debit card has previously been connected to Venmo, the money that is accessible there can be used on Venmo.

Nevertheless, if there are additional things you wish to do, let’s say you want to deposit the funds only to your Venmo balance, thus you need to follow this processes.

  • Firstly, put the money into your bank account (be careful to connect the bank account to your Venmo account beforehand or do it subsequently) at the bank ATM.
  • Then, move the funds to Venmo from your bank account. For a normal transfer, this step may require 3-5 working days. If you can use the Instant Add Money option, it can be done right away.
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Approach 2: Make Use of Cash App If Your Bank Account isn’t Connected

This approach makes use of a Venmo competitor known as the Cash App. You can use this app to deposit money at a number of big national retail outlets, including Target, Walgreens, and Walmart, but not ATMs.

You should really benefit from this since you can then connect your Cash App to Venmo.

Afterwards, you can deposit money into your Cash App account at any retail outlet.

The money you deposit on your Cash App card can then be accessible through Venmo.


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Below are 4 additional methods of adding cash to Venmo:

  • Enable reload option: If your Venmo card doesn’t have enough money to pay for a transaction, this option comes in useful. If you activate reloads, Venmo will regularly withdraw money in $10 intervals from the bank account you’ve chosen to pay for the entire cost of any transactions that surpass your Venmo balance.
  • Instantly add about $500 to Venmo from a connected bank account: This option has just been launched for individuals with a valid Venmo debit card and have connected a bank account to Venmo. You are free to connect a bank account swiftly through Plaid or through direct authentication.
  • Add cash to a connected bank account: You can only make use of this alternative if you have gotten your Venmo debit card. It usually requires 3 to 5 working days.
  • Tell a colleague or relative to Venmo you: In the event of an emergency, you may consider telling your partner or a colleague to Venmo you. Please avoid telling individuals who you do not trust to Venmo you.
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How Can I Instantly Add Cash to Venmo?

This is a newly added service to Venmo, thus not every person may have access to it.

If you have a valid Venmo Debit Card and connected bank account to Venmo, you are allowed to add cash to your Venmo balance swiftly in the app from the bank account.

To do this, head over to the You page, click “Manage Balance,” and after that click “Instant,” and the cash will be added to your Venmo account immediately.

It is essential that you keep in mind that the charge may not appear on your bank statement until after several days, usually 3 to 5 working days.

This option makes the cash to quickly enter your Venmo account. The debit, nevertheless, may not appear in your bank account until after 3 to 5 working days.

The goal is to make it easier for you to receive money in an emergency.

However, just keep in mind that the charge may not appear on your bank statement instantly because of how these transfers work.


Thank you for reading this article on “can you add money to Venmo card at ATM?”

Despite the fact that there is no practical method to automatically add money to Venmo card at ATM, you can still do this by adding money to a connected bank account or connected prepaid card such as Cash App Card.

You can simply use any of the methods listed above in this article to add money to Venmo.

We surely expect that Venmo provides this as a regular feature to prevent having to encounter a lot of hurdles whenever you want to add money to Venmo card at ATM.






























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