Is Go Fund Me Money Taxable?

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Is go fund me money taxable? This article reveals everything you need to know about go fund me money as well as if it is taxable or not.

Small business owners are increasingly turning to crowdfunding as a source of capital. Such alternatives abound for commercial use, with numerous channels appealing to diverse target markets and sorts of fundraising activities.

GoFundMe is unarguably one of the most popular crowdfunding networks. This makes it an attractive choice if you’re looking to generate money for your business.

Gofundme is used by many individuals to generate funds for a variety of reasons, however, numerous individuals are not aware if these donations are taxable.

Asking for assistance is difficult, particularly when it relates to finances. People want to be sure that their contributions are being used for a worthwhile purpose and that they will not be required to pay additional taxes.

We want to explain everything in this article. Is go fund me money taxable? Yes, donations are taxable. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions.

You will better comprehend how taxable your donations are by reading this article.

Is go fund me money taxable? Most of the time, donations made on GoFundMe are not taxable.

Any contributions made to specific GoFundMe fundraisers are often regarded as “personal donations” in the United States of America, excluding a few, of course.

Furthermore, donors cannot write off their contributions. Nevertheless, in rare circumstances, the income may be subject to taxation by the organizers. For example, if a person’s income are deemed to include donations.


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What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding network that may be utilized in a variety of manner for both private and commercial endeavors.

The first step in raising funds is to design a fundraising page with images and a video that highlights the story behind the need for donations and also the target amount you’re attempting to raise.

You will then let your friends, relatives, coworkers, future clients, and others know about your fundraising page.

People can opt to contribute to the cause and assist you in achieving your objective. GoFundMe also gives you the resources you need to keep track of your donations, organize them, and interact with your donors.

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Is Go Fund Me Money Taxable?

Money you get from a GoFundMe project is deemed personal income and is not subject to taxes.

Nevertheless, taxes may still be payable If the money were utilized for purposes other than what they were contributed for or anything of like worth was donated during the fundraising time- thus, keep accurate records!

Contact your tax counselor about this because the actions of various projects will determine the results of those projects.

According to the widespread understanding, these kinds of donations are not subject to any kind of tax obligations, so far the funds are utilized for what they were meant.

The ideal scenario is to maintain thorough records of donations and expenditures so you can have enough evidence to back up your claims if anything arises.

As usual, get advice from a tax counselor before making any tax-related choices.

In 2016, the IRS released Information Letter 2016-0036 to tackle the problem of crowdfunding.

The letter does not make any changes to the rules governing how people should manage funds raised through crowdfunding; nevertheless, it does highlight a few elements that may aid them in deciding if donations come under another provision of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

It all boils down to how you choose to define those guidelines in light of the information you have about your project and the donors.


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For Donors:

On GoFundMe, contributions are typically made to people or groups rather than IRS-designated charities.

Contributions made by the donor are not tax deductible because they are regarded by him or her as “presents”. On GoFundMe, you are permitted under the following two circumstances:

Qualified 501(c) Organization

Donations made to a GoFundMe project for an approved charity are tax deductible. By checking the website’s list of certified organizations, donors may ensure their contributions are going to an approved, tax-deductible charity.

“GoFundMe Causes“

GoFundMe created the websites GoFundMe Causes and, which group approved charitable organizations by their all-encompassing “cause.”

Donors give a tax-deductible donation to the cause of their preference (like environmental advocacy, COVID assistance, animal rescue, and so forth).

The money is subsequently distributed by GoFundMe to the approved fundraisers and organizations connected to that cause.

For Donees:

Campaign planners should be aware that donations are not considered taxable revenue, however, they must continue to keep track of their accounts to avoid any shocks.

  • The IRS has demanded that third-party payment handlers issue a Form 1099 to any person or organization that makes over $600 in a calendar year.
  • The IRS is cognizant of these 1099s, and several reports of charity planners receiving hefty tax assessments as a result of their work. The taxpayer is required to refute the IRS’s claim that the money received does not qualify as income.
  • To prevent a drawn-out and expensive dispute with the IRS, get in front of the issue and record donations made through GoFundMe on your taxes before doing so with the IRS, then withhold the amount from your tax return.
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Tax Calculation for GoFundMe Funds

Individuals who have earned sizable amounts of funds from go fund me in recent years have gotten hefty tax levies from the IRS.

Some of them are still being battled because they regarded as presents, however, non-taxable funds often need to go through a recognized charity, or else it’s just someone simply offering up their extra possessions without any financial risk to themselves- even if there is no formal contract regarding how much of these kinds of donations would be used for what in particular.

The problem is the 1099-K form that the IRS demands to be given to beneficiaries. In most cases, third-party settlement companies manage the money generated through a crowdfunding network like Go Fund Me.

The IRS has made it indeed very plain that anyone managing payments must produce a 1099-K form.

Settlements through third-party payment networks that go above the basic reporting standards of

  • Net payments that exceed $20,000 and
  • Over 200 transactions of this kind have occurred

Utilizing Crowdfunding on Gofundme for Your Business

It is not hard to mistake crowdfunded funds for gifts. Due to this, it could constitute taxable income, however that relies on the details.

Profits from equity crowdfunding are not considered to be “income” because they were made via donations.

It is regarded lawfully as an investment given that you offered the owner ownership or a stake in your business in return for the funds received; this is not taxable revenue for your company.

The fundraising objective should always be taken into account by campaign planners. If the goal of fundraising is to generate funds for a project that obviously falls into a trade or business classification other than the scope of crowdsourcing, most definitely, it will be regarded as taxable business income.

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How to Report GoFundMe Funds on Federal Taxes

If you generated over $20,000 from more than 200 donors a legitimate US bank account, your platform will issue a 1099-K form to you.

Your net revenue from crowdfunding transactions will be displayed on the form. It will as well help you submit your income report.

Form 1099-K, Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions, from crowdfunding networks in this instance from GoFundMe, may be provided to the campaign planner who receives the funds.

The IRS introduced Form 1099-K, and individuals who got it but failed to report the income on their tax returns typically receive further reminders in their mail.

If a campaign’s objective is to generate funds in return for goods or services, and is understood in a way that is not related to the crowdfunding platform, in accordance with Internal Revenue Code 61 (a), it ought to be regarded as taxable business income.

State Taxes on the Fundraising Amount on GoFundMe

If the state where your business is located provides you with crowdfunding revenues, and there is a sales tax obligation in that region for business owners like you- Remember to send in your taxes, please!

The best part is that several states permit crowdfunding without demanding sales tax registration at the state level before you can take donations.


We have come to the end of this wonderful article. We strongly believe that this article on “Is go fund me money taxable” has explained to you all you need to know about go fund me money.

In summary, the majority of contributions made to GoFundMe pages in the US are regarded as personal presents and are not tax deductible.

Nevertheless, there could be a few exceptions for the planners who benefit financially from these contributions.

Please seek the advice of a tax expert if you have any concerns regarding the potential tax implications of your donation.

Donations made through crowdfunding are presents from individuals, not earnings. The same is valid for donations made to crowdfunding projects like those on Kickstarter and other platforms.

Nevertheless, for people who benefit financially from these donations, there could be a few exclusions.


























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