How to Invest In Airbnb without Owning Property?

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How to invest in Airbnb without owning property? This articles explains the 8 best ways to make massive money from Airbnb even if you don’t own any property.

With the growth of Airbnb, the common individual has been able to transform their houses and other properties into lucrative businesses.

The good thing is that not having a home does not prevent you from being part of this lucrative business.

This article will address the pressing question – “how to invest in Airbnb without owning property.”

You can earn money on Airbnb without owning or even renting out a property. For instance, you may work as a short-term rental property manager, use Airbnb rental arbitrage to your advantage, join an Airbnb host as a co-host, Launch an Airbnb cleaning business, or even work as a consultant for Airbnb.

Many smart individuals are making six-figure incomes on Airbnb without owning any property!

In this article, you’ll discover how numerous individuals are generating income on Airbnb despite not owning property.


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The Best 8 Methods for Making Money on Airbnb Even If You Don’t Own any Property

Work as a Short-term Rental Property Manager

Working as a property manager is among the best simplest methods to profit from Airbnb without putting any money in a vacation rental.

The need for short-term rental property managers is increasing in tandem with the vacation rental industry’s fast expansion.

The need for property managers has risen, and the job also has more relaxed time schedule.

Below is the list of your primary duties as a short-term rental property manager:

  1. Taking care of property owners’ demands
  2. interacting with visitors
  3. Watching over the check-in procedure
  4. Verifying reservations
  5. coordinating upkeep and cleaning duties
  6. Examination of Properties
  7. Publicity

Some advantages of working as a short-term rental property manager are:

  • Your daily working schedule will be very adaptable.
  • It is not mandated that you must own any property in order for you to begin property management.

Some disadvantages of working as a short-term rental property manager are:

  • Taking care of many rentals for different hosts might be difficult.
  • You may be required to continue your studies, which could perhaps be costly.

You must first comprehend your state’s legal criteria in order to work as a short-term rental manager.

For instance, a real estate broker’s permit or a property manager’s permit may be necessary in certain states, whereas none may be necessary in others.

In light of that, it is preferable to pursue your education in property management regardless of whether it is necessary, since doing so will make you stand out from the crowd.

The typical annual earnings for a short-term rental manager in the United States of America is $42,000.

Nevertheless, if you have additional expertise under your belt, it might be almost $60,000 annually.

Join an Airbnb Host as a Co-Host

Comparable tasks are carried out by co-hosts and short-term rental managers. The main distinction is that they will behave more like a host’s helper than a manager.

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Co-hosting is a wonderful way to begin if you are just getting started in this industry.

Below is the list of your primary duties as a co-host:

  1. Regulating the check-in and check-out procedure
  2. Interacting with visitors
  3. Verifying reservations
  4. Refilling vital supplies
  5. Writing visitor reviews
  6. Examination of Properties
  7. Coordinating upkeep and cleaning duties

Some advantages of working as a co-host are:

  • Your daily working schedule will be very adaptable.
  • You must not have a license In order to work as a co-host.

Some disadvantages of working as a co-host are:

  • Being an Airbnb host is more lucrative than being a co-host.
  • The earnings will vary.

Co-hosts make between 10% and 20% on every booking. You might make up to 25% on every booking if you carry out additional tasks and manage the full process.


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Enroll in a Vacation Rental Franchise

If you prefer to avoid beginning from zero, enrolling in a vacation rental franchise is an additional method to earn cash on Airbnb.

In return for payment of a charge, local property managers are able to leverage franchise owners’ assets and offer services using their trade mark by obtaining a unique license from them.

Some advantages of enrolling in a vacation rental franchise are:

  • This business structure offers you access to strategies that have been verified and proven.
  • The region you will be working in will be specified and secured.

Some disadvantages of enrolling in a vacation rental franchise are:

  • You won’t have complete authority because you’ll need to adhere to the franchisor’s branding standards.
  • You will be required to pay a one-time charge in order to enroll in a franchise scheme.
  • Due to the requirement that you must enter into an agreement for a specific number of years, this business model requires a big dedication.

The earnings will vary based on the franchise scheme you decide to enroll in. Franchise firms come in a variety, and their prices differs.

You can anticipate paying somewhere between $55,000 and $100,000, based on the vacation rental franchise scheme you choose to enroll.

Thus, when selecting a scheme, you ought to have faith in the firm and think about if the partnership will generate sufficient revenue to offset the expenses.

Work as a Skilled Photographer for Airbnb

Another inventive approach to make a living with Airbnb is to work as a photographer. There are two alternatives when it comes to exploring this route.

Its either you register with Airbnb as a freelance marketplace listing photographer or you promote your services with the aid of other websites like Instagram, Fiverr or Upwork.

Irrespective of the route you choose, you must understand interior photography. Hence ensure to educate yourself on how to stage sets.

Some advantages of working as a Skilled Photographer for Airbnb are:

  • There may be additional chances for you to travel and explore different locations.
  • It allows for flexible work time.

Some disadvantages of working as a Skilled Photographer for Airbnb are:

  • The apparatus may be costly.
  • You’ll need to promote your offerings.

Based on internet information, an Airbnb photographer is capable of making an annual income of $50,000. Hourly earnings might vary from $31 to $94, depending on the situation.

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Launch an Airbnb Cleaning Business

Launching an Airbnb cleaning business can be lucrative since hosts will frequently subcontract this duty first.

What this implies is that there won’t be a lack of work for you. You must first conduct your study if you want to start an Airbnb cleaning business.

You need to find out the kind of services other cleaning companies provide as well as the rules that apply to the industry.

Additionally, it is crucial to learn about any rules your state may have like registration and insurance and how much cleaning typically costs.

Furthermore, do not forget to account for costs. Cleaning materials, apparatus, workforce, and advertising are a few illustrations of costs associated with this kind of business.

Some advantages of launching an Airbnb cleaning business are:

  • There is never a lack of work because several hosts typically use outside cleaning services.
  • The initial fees are lesser compared to obtaining a vacation rental franchise.

Some disadvantages of launching an Airbnb cleaning business are:

  • You must conduct your business publicity.
  • You’ll have to look for trustworthy workers in order to launch a successful cleaning business.

A cleaner typically makes around $25 every hour. Cleaners often make around $800 every month.

The cost of cleaning and the amount of houses cleaned each month will determine how much money a cleaning business owner can generate.


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Use Airbnb Rental Arbitrage to Your Advantage

Airbnb rental arbitrage simply entails renting a house solely for the aim of leasing it on vacation rental websites.

In order for this business strategy to succeed, rent and other costs associated to business should not exceed the income you produce.

Prior to implementing this method, you have to take into account legal norms and laws because certain localities do not permit leasing.

Furthermore, before trying to lease the space you have been renting, you must get the owner’s approval.

Long-term lease contracts frequently forbid tenants from renting out houses on listing websites. In the event that a tenant breaches the contract, they might be asked to leave.

Nevertheless, rental arbitrage can be a terrific way to break into the market provided both sides are on board.

Some Advantages of Airbnb Rental Arbitrage are:

  • You do not require a large amount of funds since you can operate even if you don’t own a property.
  • It is possible to keep all of your earnings for yourself, which is not possible with other tactics. For instance, you are only able to rely on a specific portion of the landlord’s revenue as the manager of the property.

Some Disadvantages of Airbnb Rental Arbitrage are:

  • Leasing is illegal in several areas, which might make it more challenging to locate an area.
  • Getting a landlord who can allow you to lease their house on Airbnb may be difficult.

Ultimately, your locality and the magnitude of your property portfolio will determine the amount of money you can make utilizing this technique.

When done correctly, you can make more than three times as much money as you spend.

The locations with the largest potential for rental arbitrage pricing, based on AirDNA’s analysis, are Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, Nashville, and Jacksonville.

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Larger apartments provide more potential for rental arbitrage, according to their analysis.

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Work as a Consultant for Airbnb

You may think about working as an Airbnb consultant if you have any managerial knowledge with Airbnb rentals and wish to assist other business owners in expanding.

Along with having prior knowledge with managing short-term rentals, you must possess marketing expertise in order to establish your own brand.

As a consultant with Airbnb, you will assist hosts in increasing their reservations, enhance their rating and perhaps acquire and sell short term rentals.

You must additionally choose a particular niche if you want to be successful as a consultant.

Therefore, before determining which particular services you can market, ensure to do your study and take note of your personal abilities.

Some advantages of working as a consultant for Airbnb are:

  • You can present yourself as an authority.
  • Your initial expenses will be quite low.

Some disadvantages of working as a consultant for Airbnb are:

  • You must have inner determination.
  • You must possess existing expertise as an Airbnb host.

In the United States of America, the typical annual earnings of an Airbnb consultant is from $83,000 to $90,000.

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Host an Airbnb Experience

Hosting an Airbnb Experience is among the best inventive methods to generate income without having to rent out any property.

The program called Airbnb Experience was introduced by Airbnb in 2016 and has since assisted hosts in establishing a reliable source of income.

By participating in the program, you can provide a variety of services that visitors can reserve during their visits, like a conventionally led excursion, a cooking lesson, or an artistic workshop.

It might be a great option for hosting visits if you have a particular interest or activity.

Some advantages of becoming an Airbnb Experience host are:

  • You can earn cash while expressing your interest or passion.
  • You may now provide it from the convenience of your house thanks to the advent of Online Experiences.

Some disadvantages of becoming an Airbnb Experience host are:

  • Based on the kind of Experience you provide, you could be required to submit a request for a business permit.
  • You must be an authority in the service you provide.

Keyword: How to invest in Airbnb without owning property


We have come to the conclusion of this amazing article on “how to invest in Airbnb without owning property.”

Making money on Airbnb is currently the simplest thing you can ever think of. Most of the time, you can thrive as an Airbnb expert without even owning or managing a rental property.

There is a professional potential for you even if you lack any previous expertise; it can be established as a side business or developed into a full-time job.

Some of these tactics are more difficult than others and demand greater financial commitments, however, you can earn a respectable livelihood with Airbnb if you put in the necessary effort.


























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