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How To Earn Money In GCASH By Watching Tiktok Videos

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The question of how to earn money in gcash by watching Tiktok videos might seem unrealistic but you can actually make this happen by following a few steps which will be highlighted in this article below.

Making money while watching short videos on TikTok would sound like a dream come true for millennials. This is because video watching is actually part of our regular activities. Imagine the feeling when you hear that you can earn cash by doing the things you normally do for free.

In today’s modern age, it is already common for social media platforms to provide features that allow users to make money on their platforms and the TikTok application is no exception. 

You need to know that millions of individuals continue to sign up for one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, Tiktok. However, it is also feasible to make money from it by using the application.

Keep scrolling through the article below as we will be sharing detailed information on how to earn money in gcash by watching TikTok videos. 

What Is Tiktok And How Do You Earn Money From Watching Videos?

Like other public platforms, Tiktok is a popular social media platform that allows its users to share and express themselves by creating useful and creative content respectively. Tick-tock is also a video-making application that focuses on creating short films with humorous material in order to engage consumers. 

There’s no doubt that the cost of living is extremely expensive in many places of the world. As a result, many individuals are in search of ways to supplement their income in order to pay their bills and meet their financial necessities. 

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Regarding how to make money in gcash by watching tiktok videos, among these opportunities is making use of social media platforms, many people have succeeded in generating cash through social media platforms such as instagram, facebook, twitter, and most importantly Tiktok. 

How do they do this? In terms of tik tok app, basically, you will get to know how to make money with tiktok in the other sections of the article below. 

Note that apart from earning money in gcash by watching tik tok videos, influencers can also upload content to their accounts for distribution to the broader public, generating revenue based on the platform or application subscription policies.  

Does Tiktok Accept GCASH Payment?

In case you are just hearing about Gcash for the first time, GCASH is a Philippines mobile money wallet that can be utilized in the payment of bills, purchasing goods and services, saving cash, and sending and receiving funds also. 

Here are some facts you need to be aware of concerning the use of gcash to withdraw your cash via watching tik tok videos.

  • You need to know that Tiktok does accept gcash payments.
  • Making money in gcash by watching tik tok videos does not require any investments.
  • No cash out is needed for you to get your earnings.

How Do I Earn Money In GCASH By Watching Tiktok Videos?

Watching videos on the tiktok social media platform becomes exciting when you start to earn money through the application. In this particular section of the article, I will share with you how to earn money through gcash by watching tik tok videos for free.

All you are required to do is follow the steps below to complete the task.

  • Download Like It Lite (Tiktok) App
  • Navigate Through The App
  • Click On “Log in and watch videos for 2 minutes” to Start Earning.
  • Redeem the Daily Check In rewards
  • Convert Your Coins To GCASH
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Download Like It Lite App

The application I am going to share with you is LIKE IT LITE Application. To begin the process of how to earn money via gcash when you watch tik-tok videos, download the tik-tok application on the play store by clicking on the link below for you to easily access the app.

Note that you can read the reviews of the application before proceeding to download it.

Navigate Through The App

Once you have opened the application, you will be directed to the homepage. At this stage, you will immediately see a display of Tiktok Videos. The next step is to create an account to earn from this Tik Tok application.

To register an account click ME in the lower right. You need to create an account by either linking your google or facebook account, which is displayed in the upper part of the app.

Before we proceed, note that our goal in this application is to earn a lot of coins and convert them into GCASH money.

Click On “Log in and watch videos for 2 minutes” to Start Earning.

One of the main tasks to accomplish if you want to earn is to click on “Log in and watch videos for 2 minutes”. Clicking on this will direct you to watch a short advertisement, and your balance will be credited with 8,000 coins after doing this.

In order to earn additional coins, there are a lot of options through which you can earn large amounts of coins in this application. This includes tapping on the “get 1,400 coins” in the middle, you can earn up to 1,100 additional coins each day by clicking on “Check In Rewards”, and tap “Check In Now” and you can earn the additional 1,100 coins respectively.

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All your earnings will be credited on our coins which you can see at the top.

Redeem the Daily Check In rewards 

You will be required to open the applications every day and collect the additional coins. You can earn coins as easily as that. From just watching these Tiktok videos we can earn additional coins and convert them to GCASH money eventually.

Convert Your Coins To GCASH

After learning how to earn money in gcash by watching tik-tok videos, you need to claim your payout by just tapping “REDEEM” at the upper part of your screen.

The application actually pays through GCASH and it’s quite easy.

If you already have a GCASH account already, your payout will be credited directly to our GCASH account. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and select redeem for confirmation.

What Do I Need To Earn Money In GCASH By Watching Tik-tok Videos?

What you need is just to provide your Gcash Number and Gcash Account Name. After encoding your GCASH Information just you will be required to click on “I KNOW” to finalize. Note that this will be credited into your account within 7 to 10 working days.  You have to wait for the payout to reflect in our GCASH account.

I will just flash on the screen the confirmation of the GCASH transfer once I have received the payout.


In the article above, we literally revealed information on how to earn money in gcash by watching tik-tok videos, the requirements needed, whether or not tiktok accepts GCASH payment, and other related queries.

It’s really entertaining to just watch using this application and earn at the same time. If you are really interested in this, watch Tiktok videos and use this application to earn additional coins. Thank You.

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